Flowers – Saturday May 24, 2008

     I needed a little break from finishing the wedding pictures so here are a few blossoms from my mom’s yard. She’s got quite a variety and this is only a few. I was amazed to see her beautiful calla lily plants. The only time I’ve ever seen them is in a bouquet. It was a treat to see them in a flower garden.



 Ps 96:6 Honor and majesty are before Him;
Strength and beauty are in His sanctuary.



 Ps 96:9 Oh, worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness!
Tremble before Him, all the earth.



 2Co 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ,
he is a new creation; old things have passed
away; behold, all things have become new.



Well, actually these hydrangeas came from the courthouse, not Mama’s garden.


God bless you as you seek the beauty of His creation where ever you are!



There’s a First Time for Everything – Tuesday May 13, 2008

 But there doesn’t necessarily have be a second one.  

So the first-time wedding photographer experience is over now. Ken and Carmel had a beautiful wedding on Saturday. They, their families and the bridal party were lots of fun to shoot. Lots of laughing going on all day. They had planned to have an outdoor reception at her home, which is where we took the majority of the formal shots. The day started out foggy/cloudy which was great for pictures. It did mist a little during the service but the reception itself was dry and by the time it was over, the sky had mostly cleared. PTL that the rain held off!!

Christy helped tremendously as second shooter throughout the day!! I don’t know what I’d have done without her. She had lots of creative ideas and it was good to have a second person shooting to get 2 different perspectives.

Now the editing/sorting process begins. I really love to edit, almost more than the actual photo shoots so I don’t mind this too much, although it may take me a bit to get the prints ready for the their proof book.

Since I have permission from K&C, I decided to post some shots. Hopefully they will get to see them as well, wherever they are by now.

 M picture 013 b

M picture 073 b

M picture 259

M picture 267 b

M picture 007

M picture 052

M picture 429 b

To give credit where credit is due, the rest of these next shots are Christy’s.

C picture 427 b

C picture 021 b

C picture 014 b

C picture 416 b

C picture 228 b

C picture 212 b

C picture 032 b

C picture 008 b

So, would I shoot another wedding if given a chance? Maybe. I’m still not sure. We had great lighting outside and I am not real equipped for indoor so that feels a little limiting to me. Anyhow …. let me know whatcha’ think!!

The Little Hat Answer – Thursday May 8, 2008

JoAnn is correct! It is a little crocheted hat that fits over the toilet paper, that is kept on the back of the toilet, so that an extra roll is within reach, in case you sit there sad and forsaken.  And you have plenty of time to memorize the simple little rhyme, as Kathi mentioned!

Michelle, I hope this has relieved the suspense!! (I was almost ready to post this when I saw your comment!)


I’m not quite sure what made me think of the poem unless it was cleaning up multiple rolls of paper left over from Myra’s bridal shower, in which we had 4 highly decorated TP & tissue paper brides!!

tp brides
Our brides – Veronica, Myra, Sharon and Laurie

tp brides 2
The backs of the elaborate gowns

Myra and the food table

We also played The Price is Right, using 15 household items like cleaning supplies, food staples, etc. and having everyone tally up what they thought the total price would be. Two ladies got within $1.80 of the total, which was really good, considering we also had a few not-frequently-purchased items such as a glass measuring cup and hand broom.

Clarita had beautifully decorated the dining room and all of us hostesses pitched in with the food. We had a fun evening and about packed out Gina’s living room. Myra got many lovely gifts and I’m looking forward to going to northern Indiana in August for her wedding. I’ve been there in the cold of winter twice now so I’m really looking forward to seeing it the summer. Myra has been teaching school here this past year and we are wishing we could keep her.  But, we’re quite happy for her!

Adios! I shall be going out of town for the weekend for a wedding. Doing a first for me: taking pictures. So far I’ve not been too nervous about it. I did dream the other night that I had forgotten to stay ’til they had left the reception, and hadn’t gotten any pictures of them leaving!



Thursday May 1, 2008

We had our Ladies Night Out. Supper at a Mexican restaurant and then cheesecake, talk and Apples-to-Apples at our house. Several of the ladies even stayed until about 2:30. We sat around the table and talked about … things and life. Kind of heavy topics. At least it was that night.

supper 1

supper 2
The cheesecake was delicious! Lois made the top one and called it “Living Will” meaning you should probably have yours made before you eat it. It was quite rich.

Mama made the plain one. She is famous around this area for her gourmet cheesecakes. Every Christmas she has orders for 20-30 for Troyers Fencing who gives them to their customers and contractors. One year they skipped and got lots of inquiries… “where is our cheesecake?”

supper 3
Talking Tupperware

supper 4

supper 5
Apples to Apples