Welcome, 2024!

When I was a little girl, I thought the world would end before we got to 2000. The 2000s seemed too sci-fi-ish, even though I didn’t know what sci-fi was. The predictions were that we’d have flying cars by then. LOL. Here we are 24 years post 2000! Even those born post Y2K are getting married and having kids! šŸ™‚

I spent the afternoon of New Years on Jekyll Island. I thought it was a great start to the year. The weather was beautiful! Just warm enough to sit on the beach with a light jacket and read and take a walk. Saw the biggest jellyfish I’ve ever seen!

My shoe is a size 10 or 11. Can’t remember. Either way, it’s a big shoe!

St. Andrews Beach is not my favorite to just sit on the beach but it does has some features like these oak trees. This is where those who seine for shrimp are at low tide. The months ending in r are the best months to seine. It’s more rare to see anyone shrimping this time of the year but sometimes they wear wetsuits and seine.

The lighting was perfect to catch some sparkle coming through the live oaks at St. Andrews.

The green plants on the top of the big limps is resurrection fern. If it doesn’t rain for a while, they shrivel up and turn brown. Within hours of a good rain, they unfurl and turn bright green again!

I usually like to hang out on the fishing pier at sunset but decided to try getting some pictures at the Wharf instead.

Jekyll puts up millions of lights over the holidays and kicks off the “Holiday Island” over Thanksgiving weekend. The kids would enjoy all the colorful lights. My favs are the lights at the historic district. It is just so charming to walk through!

The Club Hotel is like a fairytale castle!

One of the other historic “cottages.”

One last bit of light coming through the oaks laced with Spanish moss.


Here’s wishing you a blessed year 2024. May it be filled with the presence of God in your life!

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  1. Anne

    Mary Lou,
    Thank you for taking time to post this.
    ..love to ‘visit’ other places
    Gods blessings to you too!

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