One Year

Last Tuesday was a day in a midst of days of remembering. One year ago my dad passed away… after a Saturday of frantic phone calls to family members, and 2 very short but very long days of waiting at the hospital, he slipped away from us from a massive stroke.

It seems like spring has become a reminder the last few years, of the briefness of life. We have had or been involved closely in funerals the last 4 years, all of which were sudden and unexpected.

Nearly 2 weeks ago, just a few days short of this anniversary (does one say anniversary for a death?), my uncle, the husband of my mom’s oldest sister, also slipped into Jesus’ presence after a very short illness. I was thankful to be able to attend his funeral, and offer support to my aunt and cousins. Their path of grieving is familiar.

It’s been a emotional, yet healing few weeks. Emotional in remembering the last few days of Daddy’s life here, in grieving the loss of an uncle, the death of a man who spent winters here with his family (father to several of my friends) who also joined his Maker quite suddenly, and also hearing of the death of a friend from cancer (news like this hits harder when you yourself have had a cancer diagnosis). It is a reminder to continually trust in Jesus for each day, each year.

And healing in being reminded that this is not our forever home. Heaven awaits. Randy Alcorn has an excellent blog post as a reminder to all of us, whether we are healthy or have an unwelcome illness, that leaving life here is not leaving the party, it is Going to the Party.


Gardenias Bb
A gardenia bouquet that Daddy brought us summer of 2013.