Salad by Caesar




More likely named after Caesar Cardini than by Julius Caesar, so say online sources. Google it if you want.

Anyway, I’ve been on a Caesar salad kick recently and I couldn’t always find a dressing that I really liked. I’m the creamy Caesar dressing fan so I did a google search for recipes and found one that I love. I’ll share it with you if you send me a $20 bill with the request “Send me the Caesar Salad Dressing recipe, please” written on it in small letters.

Just kidding.

You know this is a No Purchase Necessary site. So here it is:

Creamy Caesar Dressing

2 garlic cloves
1 c. mayo (hellmans)
1/4 c. half & half
1/3 c. grated parmesan cheese
2 T. lemon juice
1 T. dijon mustard
salt & fresh ground pepper
2 tsp. Worcestershire
anchovy paste, if desired
more half & half for thinning if needed

Process in blender or food processor. Refrigerate 3 hours before using.

I really did use Hellmans since I was able to get it at CVS for $1.25 a quart after a B1G1 and coupon deal. Not bad considering their original price was $6 a quart. Honestly, WHO pays $6 a quart for Hellmans????

The first time I made it I made it without the anchovy paste since I couldn’t find it locally in our “huge” selection of grocery stores (Wally W and Harveys) and I was not about to mash up anchovy filets as the recipe suggested for a replacement.

I did finally find the paste at Kroger.

ceasar salad 4

If you can read that you did much better than me. Unfortunately I’m the epitome of the American unilingual (unless you count the 50% Pennsylvania Dutch that I attempt to speak). I wanted to say unilingualist because that sounded more grammatically correct by the dictionaries did not like it.

ceasar salad 5

There’s the translation for you other unilingualists.

ceasar salad 6

It comes in a tube and I think I used a rounded teaspoon or so. Try not to think about it being pulverized little fishies in olive oil and seasonings. It’s probably high in Vitamins D and Q and Omega 3s. Or something.

I also used milk instead of half and half since I didn’t have said half and half in the fridge at the time. Actually, we almost never have half and half in our fridge. We have 2% milk because it’s a compromise between whole milk and tinted water (skim milk, which I refuse to drink).

I also didn’t process it in the blender. Wonder what difference that would make in its consistency. I use the nifty dressing maker that Pampered Chef sells.

This is what my salad typically looks like:

ceasar salad 2

More precisely:

ceasar salad 3

I sometimes slice celery to toss with it as well and some feta cheese. The croutons are homemade, which I love to make. Here’s what I do:

crouton 1

I like the Boule bread the best because it’s a lot of bread with a little crust. And I like to keep my eye on it at Wally World where they mark it down eventually and it works great for croutons.

crouton 2


Crouton 3

An electric bread knife is essential in getting them sliced evenly. I believe every modern kitchen needs a bread knife. (Did you hear that Ginny?  I know, next time it can be a hostess gift.)

Slice the bread into 1/3 to 1/2 inch slices. You don’t have to be OCD about this but if you get them too big and they end up too crunchy, it can be an embarrassing mouthful of crunch.

crouton 4

crouton 5

crouton 6


Throw some olive oil in a container (in this case the Mix and Pour) along with your choice of seasonings.

crouton 7



I like to use Natures Seasoning, garlic salt, regular salt and Parmesan cheese.

Put the bread cubes into a gallon zipped bag or a sealable container.

crouton 8

crouton 9



Pour the seasoned oil over it and toss to get everything as evenly coated as possible.

Lay them on a baking pan. This is one loaf of bread. If you do more than that, you probably should use another pan. They get crunchy quicker if they’re not piled too thick.

crouton 10


Bake at 350* and turn them every 10 minutes, checking them each time for crunchiness. You can still add seasonings if needed.

crouton 11


Once they’re golden brown and crunchy, they’re finished. I really cannot remember how long this takes. 30 minutes, maybe?? I do know that once they start turning brown they can get away from you quickly and then you end up with a brain-jarring crunch.

Did you want to see what I had on my plate ^ with my Caesar Salad?

ceasar salad 1


That’s angel hair pasta and alfredo sauce with grilled chicken. As I mentioned in a post in the far distant past, I occasionally buy chicken breasts on sale, marinate a bunch, grill it, slice it, freeze it by serving size and pull it out later. Very convenient, especially in small households like ours.