White Christmas

It seems like every year we barely manage to get Christmas decorations up. We certainly don’t get every room decorated. In fact, we barely get the living room and dining room a little decorated. This year I had a little more time and wanted to change things up a little. I often use the same decorations from year to year. But this year I was more into Pinterest. 🙂 And lots of fun to things to make!! I also didn’t want to buy any more than I had to. So armed with a woods, paint in a can, and lots of gold glitter, I made a white Christmas.

White Tree Pin

This was from an idea that I had pinned last year and never got to making. My tree is not shaped as nicely as theirs. 🙁 Note to self: Next time check out the shape better before using a whole can of spray on an odd shaped one.

I may have used my fair share of glitter this year. I’m pretty sure I’ll find it corners for a while after it’s cleaned up.

This 3D star was fairly easy to make, considering I have a program to easily customize stars and print them. I didn’t know where my embossing tool was. If I could’ve used it, the star would’ve looked a little less worn. I glued 2 together and used glue and glitter to cover the seams.

3D Stars Pin

Pine cones from my back yard, some white paint and a little gold glitter.

The snowflakes were made from coffee filters, a trick I learned from Clarita. It is much easier to cut than paper.

I starched and ironed them to make the flat.

I got my design ideas from this Pin

We don’t have a fireplace, which is sad for 4 months of the year, but I like to use the top of my sister’s piano as a mantel.

 The NOEL idea was from this pin

The N comes from a pallet my mom cut down for me. The O is from grapevine. The E was a particle board letter from Hobby Lobby that I wrapped with jute string. Do you say “jute”or “jute string.” I apparently don’t know. The L is also from Hobby Lobby. I think it was 50% off. I am delighted that Savannah finally has a HL!! Plus, we’ll have another one just a 45-minute drive from here before long.

These were lots of fun to make!

The stars were a lot easier to make than the 3D stars I made last year.

The link for the 3D stars, the ball ornaments and the flat ornaments.

I use a heavy cardstock. Everything hold its shape better than regular paper.

And goodness, my walls are not 2 different shades of green. Lighting. It makes a big difference.

I have this house and church for a while. Many years, actually. I think Wally World used to sell them. They were made to be painted but I thought they were so pretty like they were.

I love verse on this chalkboard printable from here. It’s why we celebrate!

My sister made these balls from grapevine.

So, wow. What did I do before Pinterest? I’m guess a whole lot more searching!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, filled with peace and joy amongst the busyness.