Of Contractors and Over-Committed Secretaries – Friday October 26, 2007

Building our own house has been interesting to say the least. No, nothing dramatic has happened and our house is sailing along. The framers did have to come back and add some extra supports that have recently been added to requirements in construction to help the building withstand winds up to 100 mph.

To give you an idea of what’s been happening with it the last few weeks:

Sept. 26



Oct. 15


framing 2


The siding is now finished the roofing will be finished by tomorrow. For now I’ll give you a picture of our front door and let you give us opinions on what color the front door should be. The colors are a little hard to see. Somehow I usually am at the house in either the early sunlight hours or late sunlight hours so I have a hard time getting a good color capture.


The siding is green, the shutters black, trim white and shingles dark charcoal gray. The front door has wrought iron in it which is hard to see in this picture. I’ll try to get a better picture to put up.

Being involved with the construction is educational, as well as a chance to rub shoulders with interesting people! Not wildly colorful but interesting nonetheless. Yeah, Wes, I’m talking about you! Just kidding! No, I haven’t forgotten about the cheesecake yet!!

The last few weeks have been busier than I should’ve let them get (according to my sis! ). This past week has seen me at home several nights which is a good thing. It is a hard thing to think up a fun or “giving” activity only to have to say “no, I’ve got to have some down time.” So a few highlights of the last couple of weeks.

  • Helping Reggie’s move to their new house. They built one lot up the road from us. We’re also right around the corner from Wes & Ginny.
  • Weekend in Antrim with friends. A fast and furious trip. 24 hours on the road, 48 hours there. Shopping in “Homes Konty”. Lunch with friends there.
  • Making decisions about house things and writing lots of checks!
  • An evening with Ginny, Crysta and Lois on Wes’ overnight run night.
  • Memorable photo shoot on Jekyll with no-see-ems and biting flies causing us all to nearly lose it! So sad, God gave us a beautiful sunset but the bugs made it almost impossible to enjoy it on the beach. Off didn’t begin to deter them. Enjoyed supper at a Mexican restaurant later.
  • My brother Henry came over for Daddy’s birthday, his 71st b.d.
  • Erin & Freida came last weekend. I didn’t get to spend as much time with them as I would’ve liked. Freida and I did do lunch at Stories on Monday.
  • Monday evening had Carol Yoder and Loretta Fisher from Fairplay girls camp here overnight. They were on their way home from a supplies drop-off to a group of girls on a canoeing trip on the Suwannee River.

This weekend some cousin from SC are coming for the weekend. We are very excited about pulling this off, after talking about it for a long time.

This post feels a little disjointed but I’ve gotta keep moving. A few pictures from “homes konty”.

homes konty

long lines

Too Pooped to Peep – Wednesday October 10, 2007

This could be a really long post but I don’t have time for one. So let’s just do a word association thingy.

Farewell: Jamie 

Putt-putt: Won!  (gotta love my humility)

Salad: Grilled (ask Clarita)

Grilled Salad: Yummy (as was the rest of the meal!)

Schedule: Too Full

Evening at Home: What’s That??

House Construction: Exciting!

House Construction: Many Decisions

Overnight Run Evening: Chips & Salsa, Cheesecake and Personal Questions

Road Trip: Yeehaw!! To Antrim This Weekend.

Road Trip: First One In Months (Despite what KenE thinks)

Saturday: Shopping in Holmes County (hopefully)

Home: Housesitting Again

Puppies: Wicked (according to Lois) Little Plant Destroyers (too much pent up energy, I suppose)

Molder of Dreams Video: Outrageously Outdated Styles

Molder of Dreams Video: Touching!!

Pictures: Too Busy to Post

Sorry for the lack of details. If you can invent more than 24 hours for my day, I’ll be glad to write more. Cheerio! Have a great weekend. I plan to!!

And That is That – Thursday October 4, 2007

He told me to not bother coming back again. If things took a turn for the worse, then I needed to contact him, but not before.

He is the kind of man who gets insulted when someone calls the alligator that he killed a “lizard.” Obviously to him, a great hunter (at least in his mind), that was the equivalent to me being called a mere “secretary” when “office manager” more clearly reflects my status (I did check with my boss to make sure that was accurate in case it sounds like I’m elevating myself). *sniff*

Back to the alligator, this man even has a full body mount of his biggest quest that measured in at 10 feet long. Does that tell you a little more about him? I thought so.

So, I did what any woman in this situation should do. I gathered my wits about me (shouldn’t take long, should it?) and exited the building within 8 minutes of entering it. I pause long enough to write out the last $86 that he would hopefully get from me.

What he really said was “Your spider bite looks fine. We don’t need to do surgery. You only need to come back if it starts acting up again.”

So you can see, I really was relieved to hear that from “Dr. G”, as his nurses affectionately call him. My spider bite, despite my apprehension, did not open up into a ghastly wound, but respectably drained and closed up. I do have a little bit of hard tissue in about a 2 inch diameter that will take a while to dissolve.

Thanks for all your kinds words and any prayers you made on my behalf. It is such a relief for it to have it end this way. PTL!!



One more picture from our picnic several weeks ago on Jekyll: