Too Pooped to Peep – Wednesday October 10, 2007

This could be a really long post but I don’t have time for one. So let’s just do a word association thingy.

Farewell: Jamie 

Putt-putt: Won!  (gotta love my humility)

Salad: Grilled (ask Clarita)

Grilled Salad: Yummy (as was the rest of the meal!)

Schedule: Too Full

Evening at Home: What’s That??

House Construction: Exciting!

House Construction: Many Decisions

Overnight Run Evening: Chips & Salsa, Cheesecake and Personal Questions

Road Trip: Yeehaw!! To Antrim This Weekend.

Road Trip: First One In Months (Despite what KenE thinks)

Saturday: Shopping in Holmes County (hopefully)

Home: Housesitting Again

Puppies: Wicked (according to Lois) Little Plant Destroyers (too much pent up energy, I suppose)

Molder of Dreams Video: Outrageously Outdated Styles

Molder of Dreams Video: Touching!!

Pictures: Too Busy to Post

Sorry for the lack of details. If you can invent more than 24 hours for my day, I’ll be glad to write more. Cheerio! Have a great weekend. I plan to!!

7 thoughts on “Too Pooped to Peep – Wednesday October 10, 2007

  1. hey! thanks for the photography tips in ga…was good to actually meet you after all that time! 😉 i love learning from others interested in the photo-world! best wishes on your adventures as well! & that grilled salad you said you had at clarita’s–i’ll have to admit, she makes some of the best in the whole world!! ;)…& that movie at on dreams blessed me so much! wow! top of the day to you! jan

  2. Hope your trip to Antrim is scrumptious – shopping in Holmes County sounds awesome, i could handle that again. Guess you get to see all my people and i don’t 🙁 Are you coming to Captain Joe’s tonight??


  3. Well hey there stranger…ok so it’s been less than a week since I’ve seen you but good grief it seems forever since I’ve left!  I miss ya’ll! =(=(=(  A LOT more than I thought that I would in the first week.  Wanna know a secret??  I’m still on the “newsletter” or whatever.  I knew ya’ll were going to Captain Joes.  And even though I don’t like that restaurant I have to admit I’m a little jealous.

       Good times with the last over night run.  I enjoyed it.  So fun.  We didn’t get a whole lot out of you but it was fun to ask anyways. =)

       I suck more than I thought at putt-putt.

       I’ve gotta run darling but I just wanted to say hi and hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend!!!

                                       Love – me.

  4. I remember going to see Molder of Dreams at a church somewhere in WI way back in the 80’s….and I heard it recently again on FOF.  Touching.  Don’t ya love his Wisconsinite accent?!   Excited about your house construction coming along!!!  We are up late waiting for the concord grape man to come….grape juice to make tomorrow….yum!

  5.  I can not believe that you are coming all the way to Antrim and we’re not seeing you. Honestly- I can’t stand it! Have fun. I’m way past jealous. ok. gotta go cry now.

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