Canadian Maritimes, Summer 2023 – PART 2

Next stop on our trip was Prince Edward Island for 3 nights. Even though this province is quite small compared to the other provinces, you could easily spend a week here, unless Disney is your version of a vacation. PEI is basically a farming and fishing island. Tourism is definitely a big part of its scene as well with much of it being concentrated on LM Montgomery and her fame from Anne of Green Gables. Not that the island has nothing outside of that. Far from it.

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Canadian Maritimes, Summer 2023 – PART 1

Winter, such as it is, has arrived in southeast GA. We are expecting lows this coming week of mid to lower 20s, which is about as cold as it gets here. I was wearing my Halifax, NS souvenir sweatshirt today and a friend commented on it that she liked it. I told her when I bought it I thought it was a good idea. When we got back home last August, the weather was near 100* and I thought it was the worst idea. Now that’s cooler it, I am enjoying it immensely.

I was given a sizable Airbnb gift card for my 50th birthday from the company I work for. I was thinking of something special to do with it and going somewhere cool in the summer felt like a lovely idea.

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