This, That and the Other

Yeah, so my friend Carolyn tells me I’m not blogging enough to suit her. happy I’ve written a lot of posts in my head. None have made it onto paper or the computer. It seems like there would be a lot to say, and yet there is so much of it for which there are few words. Be it the sudden and unexpected deaths of friends of friends, the few weeks that another family had to absorb the fact of an aggressive brain tumor in their wife and mother before she was gone, or the election and the implications of that, to just living with the consequences of a fallen world. 

There are bright spots too, a weekend of sharing with friends, a delightful weekend camping with my church family, the births of two beautiful babies to families in my church, a wiener roast around the fire with my family, the pleasant change of weather which is so different from the previous 6 months of summer, and I know I’m forgetting some things. 

So here are a few pictures for you to enjoy despite the very brief post. 

Sunrise on St. Simons Island

A dream vacation home, eh?


I was at the Shrimp and Grits Festival on Jekyll Island in September and came across a booth where they were selling orchids in old pots. “Beautiful”, I said, “but the shuttle makes it difficult to to take one back with me.” I also said, “I bought an orchid a few weeks ago and promptly killed it.” I heard a snort behind me. “Do you have any tips on taking care of orchids.” The proprietor said the most common problem was over-watering. The just don’t need much water. The instructions say to water when the moss feels dry. Well, goodness! The little pot is so small and moss DID feel dry!!!

Well, I bought another orchid from the same place. It was blooming beautifully and I thought I’d better take pictures while it was looking robust.

Yeah, and it’s a good thing I did, because within a few weeks the blooms all fell off.

But I think it will be okay, because the leaves still look fine. They did not turn yellow and fall off like the first one did.

They’re just super-sensitive to light changes and all that good stuff.

Oh, and while fall is the season for pumpkin and such like, we had corn in October. The 13th to be precise. Fresh. Local. Delicious. I’m so sorry you didn’t have some too.