Thursday December 9, 2010

Yes, I know I promised Massachusetts would be next but I have so many pictures and it’s gonna take a while to type it up and other commitments come first right now. Whew!

That said, I have to show you my latest good deal. First of all, let me say that I buy disposable sunglasses. Well, not quite but I go thru them so fast due to 1. leaving them somewhere 2. sitting on them 3. leaving them somewhere. I have left some in Ghana, Switzerland and several other places. I set them down for some reason and then forget to pick them up. So I just buy the $5-$10 glasses so it’s not much of a loss. When I was in N.E. states I bought a pair there, left the same pair in a motel restroom in Boston and bought another pair and ended up bringing those home with me.

Lois thinks I should just buy an expensive pair so I would take better care of them but I’m afraid if I would lose them, then there goes all that money.

I was on Southern Savers, which is a wonderful place to find bargains, in grocery stores and pharmacies here in the south, as well as day to day bargains at many other places. A few weeks ago Jenny mentioned that Graveyard Mall had a special on women’s “branded” sunglasses. Nine pair for $10 and shipping is included. Well, feedback I saw said they were half decent so I ordered a set. How can you go wrong at $1 a piece? They ended being priced anywhere from $10 to $20.

And since the bright winter sun is upon us again, the glasses have arrived just in time. You wanna trade some snow for bright sunshine? Sure. We’d take some!

I was tickled to find that most of them are wearable for me. Keep in mind that I am not a fashion expert so if you think I look weird in them, keep your snickers to a mininum!

I know, you’re snickering already. It doesn’t take glasses…….

Anyway, here’s the first pair:

01 b

These first 2 look very near alike.

2nd pair:

02 b

That pair was Panama Jack brand.

3rd pair (because goofy lives at my house):

03 b

I’m not feeling it so much with these next ones. The lenses are about as big as my face.

4th pair:

04 b

But, they have a special feature the others don’t have!!!!

I call this next picture Loose Missing Screw  

04 bb

So that helps make that decision easy.

5th pair:

05 b

Those have really cheap looking bling on the temples. Free to a good home.

6th pair (because goofier lives at my house too):

06 b

Not really liking those either. Also free to a good home. Or my toy box.

7th pair:

07 b

Those are my favorite, even though I look very sober on this picture. Must be because I forgot to take the take off. See those little circles on the temple? There’s a hole there. Guess it’s to let my temples breathe. Or something.

8th pair:

08 b

Yes, I’m shocked that you’re still reading this!!!!

9th pair:

09 b

Those are a pair of Hannah Montana shades. In adult sizes?????? They have stars on them. Here’s what I think of them:

09 bb

No, really they’re not that bad. This adult just doesn’t want to wear Hannah Montana glasses. Free to good home. Or my toybox.

And I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I’ve gotten a new pair of glasses due to issues with photography. Sometimes you need a little more than what contacts can do for you. The best part was that the $ Tree had the right prescription in stock for me.

10 b

So what do you think? Would these make you laugh if I wore them at your photoshoot?

Seriously, they give me the heebie jeebies looking at them. Looking through them is another story.

And I shall retreat to the back of the camera again. Where I prefer to be.