Thursday December 9, 2010

Yes, I know I promised Massachusetts would be next but I have so many pictures and it’s gonna take a while to type it up and other commitments come first right now. Whew!

That said, I have to show you my latest good deal. First of all, let me say that I buy disposable sunglasses. Well, not quite but I go thru them so fast due to 1. leaving them somewhere 2. sitting on them 3. leaving them somewhere. I have left some in Ghana, Switzerland and several other places. I set them down for some reason and then forget to pick them up. So I just buy the $5-$10 glasses so it’s not much of a loss. When I was in N.E. states I bought a pair there, left the same pair in a motel restroom in Boston and bought another pair and ended up bringing those home with me.

Lois thinks I should just buy an expensive pair so I would take better care of them but I’m afraid if I would lose them, then there goes all that money.

I was on Southern Savers, which is a wonderful place to find bargains, in grocery stores and pharmacies here in the south, as well as day to day bargains at many other places. A few weeks ago Jenny mentioned that Graveyard Mall had a special on women’s “branded” sunglasses. Nine pair for $10 and shipping is included. Well, feedback I saw said they were half decent so I ordered a set. How can you go wrong at $1 a piece? They ended being priced anywhere from $10 to $20.

And since the bright winter sun is upon us again, the glasses have arrived just in time. You wanna trade some snow for bright sunshine? Sure. We’d take some!

I was tickled to find that most of them are wearable for me. Keep in mind that I am not a fashion expert so if you think I look weird in them, keep your snickers to a mininum!

I know, you’re snickering already. It doesn’t take glasses…….

Anyway, here’s the first pair:

01 b

These first 2 look very near alike.

2nd pair:

02 b

That pair was Panama Jack brand.

3rd pair (because goofy lives at my house):

03 b

I’m not feeling it so much with these next ones. The lenses are about as big as my face.

4th pair:

04 b

But, they have a special feature the others don’t have!!!!

I call this next picture Loose Missing Screw  

04 bb

So that helps make that decision easy.

5th pair:

05 b

Those have really cheap looking bling on the temples. Free to a good home.

6th pair (because goofier lives at my house too):

06 b

Not really liking those either. Also free to a good home. Or my toy box.

7th pair:

07 b

Those are my favorite, even though I look very sober on this picture. Must be because I forgot to take the take off. See those little circles on the temple? There’s a hole there. Guess it’s to let my temples breathe. Or something.

8th pair:

08 b

Yes, I’m shocked that you’re still reading this!!!!

9th pair:

09 b

Those are a pair of Hannah Montana shades. In adult sizes?????? They have stars on them. Here’s what I think of them:

09 bb

No, really they’re not that bad. This adult just doesn’t want to wear Hannah Montana glasses. Free to good home. Or my toybox.

And I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I’ve gotten a new pair of glasses due to issues with photography. Sometimes you need a little more than what contacts can do for you. The best part was that the $ Tree had the right prescription in stock for me.

10 b

So what do you think? Would these make you laugh if I wore them at your photoshoot?

Seriously, they give me the heebie jeebies looking at them. Looking through them is another story.

And I shall retreat to the back of the camera again. Where I prefer to be.

14 thoughts on “Thursday December 9, 2010

  1. @livingwater4me – Make them laugh = get some smiles.

    @smilesbymiles – Random pack. It was described as 9 pair women’s branded sunglasses. I had no idea what shapes or styles would be coming. I figured that even if I keep 2 or 3 it would be worth it. I think there were 5 pair that I decided to keep.

  2. aw this was a hoot…. loved all your expressions on you and in words.  i love sunglasses and the only way i have learned to be able to keep a pr. for any length of time is to slide them to the top of my head when i’m not needing them.  really does the trick…..    happy wearing to you.

  3. Natasha’s comment upon seeing that last picture: “She looks like a mad scientist…or Elmo; I don’t know why!”

    That’s a good deal on *disposable* sunglasses.  You can have fun being someone different every day of the week!

  4. Mary Lou, you gave me my laugh for the day. If you should ever decide to start collecting sunglasses I could donate a pair that someone gave Marcus for his 50th that have eyeballs that you can move around. Really crazy looking. Have a great day deciding which pair to wear.

  5. Oh my goodness, you are too funny!! But what a deal, getting all those for $10??! Wow!! Should keep you stocked for a while, especially considering your history. 🙂 I actually like the 4th pair on you, as well as quite a few others. 

  6. You are hilarious!  You really made me laugh out loud and I don’t do that too often.  I like 2 and 4 on you!!!  and what a great deal.  I have the same trouble with losing sunglasses.  And if our luck really is the same, my guess is that you’ll break or lose all of them except the Hannah Montana pair. 🙂  Oh, and the last one.  Hilarious!  Yes, there’s no way I could stop from smiling if you wore them–but you might frighten the children. 😀

  7. african_girl K took the words out of my mouth and so now i’m trying to find more. That is positively hilarious! I was wondering what kind of glasses you got then and now i know. Now we have more options for midnight treks into local hospital to “visit” working aunt

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