Wildflowers & Hill Country

Today was an odd day. I woke up with a roaring, pounding headache before my alarm was supposed to go off. I seldom get roaring, pounding headaches but if I do, I get them before I wake up, and am usually able to sleep them off. This am I txt my boss to tell him I would be late and ended up going in about 1.5 later than normal. But the funny thing was, I couldn’t remember if I had taken ibuprofen or not. I remember in the hazy first awakening to the pounding thinking that the pills were in my night stand and I could just reach over and grab them. That must’ve been my last coherent thought because I was definitely dreaming that I had poured them out into my hand and thought, goodness, I don’t need 5, just 2. And then I dreamt that I had them in my mouth and accidentally started chewing them. And then quickly swallowed them.

So when I woke up a while later the headache was pretty much gone but I couldn’t figure out if I had actually taken them or not. I finally concluded not, because the bottle was underneath a paper in my drawer and I couldn’t have found them without getting out of bed.


What a beginning to day! But then I met Sharon and Sandra (with Lois coming later) for lunch at Sybils for some fine southern food, especially because Sandra is here from faraway Indiana and loves the chance to have some southern comfort food while she’s here.

And then tonight just before I left the office my sister called and said they heard on the police scanner that their was a “woods fire” on the street behind our house. I couldn’t get ahold of Lois and figured she was sleeping to get ready for night shift. Turns out that a strong gust of wind that came in with the thunderstorm (yay, we got a little more rain!!!!!) knocked over a dead pine tree in the neighbor’s yard and took down an electric line, which was laying in the parched grass, which started burning. Thankfully they were able to put it out, but we were out of power for an hour or so until the electric company got it taken care of.

Really, that has nothing to do with wildflowers and hill country in Texas but today seemed like an unusual day so if my post seems odd, you’ll know why.

So to get on with Texas travels ….. the Saturday we were out there some friends from Lott and Bastrop came down and we did a loop up to Fredricksburg and down a scenic route through the hillcountry.

TEX 62

We knew before we went out that this was not a good year for bluebonnets but didn’t realize just how bad a year it was until we saw the very, very dry part of the state. We can sorta feel their pain as our late spring/early summer has also been very dry.

TEX 63

We only saw a few patches of wildflowers beside the road and most of them were primroses. In Fredericksburg we went to the Wildseed Farms, as recommended by Christy.

A farm visible from the Wildseed Farms:

TEX 53

There we saw a few small patches of bluebonnets, that were a bit past their prime. But were so glad we went, as these were really the only BB we saw!

TEX 54

TEX 55

TEX 56

Red bluebonnets or are they called Redbonnets? 

TEX 57

And lots of other very pretty flowers.

TEX 48

TEX 59

TEX 50

I had hoped to see poppy fields somewhere but the only ones the had blooming was in a fenced area by their entrance.

TEX 52

So just pretend there was a big field of them.

TEX 51

TEX 47  

The hill country is beautiful in a rugged way. From what I understand, this is not typically a lush green place even on a normal spring. Don’t you have to admit, a scene like this

TEX 60

is beautiful?

Near the end of the loop we stopped by a river and some waded for a bit. You could tell the water level was down by a foot or two. Lois shot a few for me and I did a force HDR with one of them.

TEX 61

We ended the day by eating delicious Thai food at a restaurant at the edge of SA.

So sorry if you were hoping to see people pictures. Out of respect to those who don’t like to appear on the www it’s only scenery shots.

San Antonio

So two months ago we headed to Texas for a long weekend. The original idea was to see bluebonnets and since San Antonio has been on the wish list for a while, so we decided this spring was a good time to go. More on bluebonnets later.

On this post I’ll tell you about San Antonio. After we had made our travel plans we discovered that our trip fell right over the Fiesta, a 10-day celebration of the Mexican-American city. On hindsight, we would not choose to go over that celebration, mostly because of the many crowds it brought. On the other hand, it was quite interesting seeing all the glitz and glitter and color of the hispanic world. We (my sister Lois and I) met our friend Ruby at the airport in SA and grabbed a little rental car to begin our adventure.

TEX 03

We wanted to make sure to get authentic Mexican food while we were there and the first stop we made was at a restaurant that had been a What-A-Burger. Lots of trucks in the parking lot, surely a good sign. We step into the small restaurant and every table is either occupied or had the lunch remnants of a previous customer. Eighty percent of the occupants hispanic, working men. Sure sign of authentic food! And it was delicious. Sadly I didn’t think to take any pictures.

We took a chance and “Pricelined” a motel for the 4-night stay, and were quite tickled with our deal. We were at a fairly new Staybridge Suites just 5 blocks from the Alamo and the Riverwalk. We were beside the train station, but rarely heard trains come through. There was a very lot of noise coming from The Pavilion that was also by the train station. Late-night, loud celebrations could’ve kept us awake, but thankfully we had a efficiency suite that had a vent fan over the oven, and between that and the A/C, it created enough noise to block out the thumping music.

The motel had complimentary breakfast, including a few hot foods, which we enjoyed outside on the back patio. They had several gas grills available for guest use. Our room was nice sized, even with 2 double beds, and a sofabed opened up there was walking-around room.

One of the bus stops was right beside the motel, and we bought tickets for $4 a day, unlimited on/off. The 90-95 degree weather, though dry heat, was plenty warm. Nights & mornings were usually breezy and warm, but quite comfortable.

[Sunset Station area. Our motel is off-camera, to the right.]

TEX 01

As we were waiting to deplane, we asked a flight attendant about good restaurants, and both she and the passenger sitting behind us recommended Mi Tierra, which is located near Market Square, which contains hispanic shops. 

The bakery is a visual feast for the eyes. I’m sure it’s a feast for the stomach as well, although we didn’t actually purchase anything.

TEX 04

The food was delicious! Ruby ordered a delicious pina colada, which she graciously let us taste!

TEX 06

TEX 09

I ordered milanesa, a chicken-fried steak, and it was delicious!!!!! 

TEX 10

Lois had something smothered in Mole sauce (pronounced moe-lay) (as in holy mole).  Can’t say I exactly like the flavor of mole, though. Thankfully she liked it!

 TEX 11

Several groups of serenading senors made their rounds through the restaurant. They were quite good! Quite the full experience of culture. 

TEX 08

Meanwhile, outside there were many food booths going up for the weekend festivities. 

TEX 05

TEX 07

 We headed back to the Alamo area for the ceremonies which marked the official beginning of Fiesta 2011.

TEX 12  

TEX 14

TEX 13

I don’t have a good photo of this Alamo bulding surrounded by hotels and other multi-story buildings, but my first thought was how small it looked.

Surrounding buildings:


The Emily Morgan hotel. Slightly out of our price range, I’m sure. 

TEX 17

Costumes, tiaras and crowns to make any prince or princess weep.

TEX 16  

TEX 17a

Pomp and circumstance, is what I thought. It seemed to be going on and on so we meandered our way back to the motel.

The next day we went to watch the IMAX film on the Alamo. And then went to tour the Alamo museum and buildings. There was a constant stream of tourists. I never did get any photos sans people.

TEX 15

We took boat tour of the Riverwalk area. A number of years ago the river was nearly diverted but someone thought it would be good for tourism so they preserved it and it isn’t deep at all, but provides a wonderful attraction.

 TEX 18

TEX 19

TEX 21

The turnaround area for the boats. On the steps to the right is where a Andean group plays live music nearly every day.

TEX 22

More serenading senors at a restaurant on the Riverwalk.  

TEX 23

TEX 24

TEX 26

TEX 30  

We then proceeded back to the beginning of the Riverwalk. We had decided to splurge at a churrascaria, which is a Brazilian steakhouse and typically quite expensive (in the states). Ladies, if your husband/boyfriend LOVES meat and you have a bit of extra cash, and you want to treat him to a feast, find one of these restaurants in a nearby large city. We ate for lunch which was quite a bit less than dinner, but still a splurge. They serve the same food for lunch or dinner. We went to Fogo de Chao. In Brazil you can eat at churrascaria restaurants for as little as $5, with access to 10+ cuts of meat, and up to 20 side dishes.

Here they had an elaborate salad bar, including fresh mozzarella cheese balls, sundried tomatoes, asparagus, etc. They had some delicious cheese buns, that I want to try to make sometime, providing I get ahold of some cassava or tapioca flour.

TEX 27

So sorry I don’t have a better photo but the “gauchos” or Brazilian “cowboys” came around with skewers of meat. If the little disk by your plate was green, they stopped by to offer meat. If you flipped it to red, that meant you had enough for now. You can flip it as often as you wanted.

TEX 28

There were chicken legs, pork loin, many cuts of beef, and it was all delicious! 

We then walked to a cathedral that we had passed earlier. But guess what was going on?!

More festivities and the blessing on the Fiesta, which meant we couldn’t go in. Arghh!!!

TEX 33

More pomp and circumstance.

And colorful costumes.

TEX 34

TEX 35

TEX 36

TEX 37

TEX 38

So we found a place to sit in the shade, to drink terere and enjoy the show for a bit.

We then went back to Market Square but tonight things were beyond lively. Very loud music and alcohol in every other hand. We grabbed some food from the stands and got out of there.

TEX 39

By the time the bus arrived it was nearly dark. So we walked along the Riverwalk for a while.

TEX 42

A couple of thousand other people had the same idea, unfortunately.

TEX 44

We found the restaurant that had advertised a fabulous looking dessert called volcano something or other.

TEX 43

 Mama mia, it was huge. That plate is a dinner plate, and those chocolate looking things were brownies.

TEX 46

And that syrupy looking stuff is fudge topping and caramel topping. No we didn’t eat it all. But we put a dent into it.

Other scenes from San Antonio: 


TEX 29

Tower of the Americas, which we were gonna go up but didn’t.

TEX 40


 Texas wildflowers (or lack thereof) coming up in the next post.