There’s a First Time for Everything – Tuesday May 13, 2008

 But there doesn’t necessarily have be a second one.  

So the first-time wedding photographer experience is over now. Ken and Carmel had a beautiful wedding on Saturday. They, their families and the bridal party were lots of fun to shoot. Lots of laughing going on all day. They had planned to have an outdoor reception at her home, which is where we took the majority of the formal shots. The day started out foggy/cloudy which was great for pictures. It did mist a little during the service but the reception itself was dry and by the time it was over, the sky had mostly cleared. PTL that the rain held off!!

Christy helped tremendously as second shooter throughout the day!! I don’t know what I’d have done without her. She had lots of creative ideas and it was good to have a second person shooting to get 2 different perspectives.

Now the editing/sorting process begins. I really love to edit, almost more than the actual photo shoots so I don’t mind this too much, although it may take me a bit to get the prints ready for the their proof book.

Since I have permission from K&C, I decided to post some shots. Hopefully they will get to see them as well, wherever they are by now.

 M picture 013 b

M picture 073 b

M picture 259

M picture 267 b

M picture 007

M picture 052

M picture 429 b

To give credit where credit is due, the rest of these next shots are Christy’s.

C picture 427 b

C picture 021 b

C picture 014 b

C picture 416 b

C picture 228 b

C picture 212 b

C picture 032 b

C picture 008 b

So, would I shoot another wedding if given a chance? Maybe. I’m still not sure. We had great lighting outside and I am not real equipped for indoor so that feels a little limiting to me. Anyhow …. let me know whatcha’ think!!

25 thoughts on “There’s a First Time for Everything – Tuesday May 13, 2008

  1. Yes, I am so excited about seeing pictures. There is no doubt in my mind that ya’ll did a great job and now I’ve just had proof. You’re right- they would be a fun couple to take pictures of as would their families. What a riot!! So glad we got to see the wedding in person. Great job, girl! Will I be able to see more??

  2. Oh la la!! I am sooooo jealous. 🙂 They look wonderful. Love all the cool idea’s for poses and stuff. You did a great job!! ~The next wedding I have is all outside pictures so HOPEFULLY things will go better for me.

  3. I knew it!! I just knew it!!! One day I am going to get married to Mike again and I am going to have a list! of phootgraphers. These are delicious.

  4. Wow, you did such a good job! Such neat ideas and poses! Stan had better look out……you might get so busy with weddings that he’ll have to find a new secretary!!!!

  5. I second all the above opinions.  They do look great.  There’s so much more creativity in wedding poses nowadays.  I would like to see some of the bridal party and families too, if I can press my luck.

  6. I echo what D_nS_80 said; I know Carmel’s family and was hoping you’d post pictures. Y’all did a fantastic job! I’d definitely recommend ya!

  7. Re: gas prices–I can remember 7 years ago when we first bought our Suburban, and filling it up for $33.  Even with the price break Saturday, it took $96!  The highest I’ve seen it here is $3.83/gal.  BTW: great job on the wedding pix–too bad you weren’t doing them 22 years ago!

  8. I was told about your site by ForTheMastersUse.  I’m glad she told me and I hope you don’t mind me stopping by. She told me you were creative… well, she was right.

    I do think I stopped by the other day from another site because I recognize some of the pictures.   As far as your wedding photos, You’ve done a great job.

    I was in the wedding business for over 30 years and I did about everything from babysitting, cake, flowers, catering, photography to sewing on the brides veil before she walked up the isle.  Weddings can be difficult and you did a very good job.  Looks like lighting and the bride and groom all cooperated nicely, also.

    I didn’t mean to take up so much space under your comments, but I guess I did.

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