The Little Hat Answer – Thursday May 8, 2008

JoAnn is correct! It is a little crocheted hat that fits over the toilet paper, that is kept on the back of the toilet, so that an extra roll is within reach, in case you sit there sad and forsaken.  And you have plenty of time to memorize the simple little rhyme, as Kathi mentioned!

Michelle, I hope this has relieved the suspense!! (I was almost ready to post this when I saw your comment!)


I’m not quite sure what made me think of the poem unless it was cleaning up multiple rolls of paper left over from Myra’s bridal shower, in which we had 4 highly decorated TP & tissue paper brides!!

tp brides
Our brides – Veronica, Myra, Sharon and Laurie

tp brides 2
The backs of the elaborate gowns

Myra and the food table

We also played The Price is Right, using 15 household items like cleaning supplies, food staples, etc. and having everyone tally up what they thought the total price would be. Two ladies got within $1.80 of the total, which was really good, considering we also had a few not-frequently-purchased items such as a glass measuring cup and hand broom.

Clarita had beautifully decorated the dining room and all of us hostesses pitched in with the food. We had a fun evening and about packed out Gina’s living room. Myra got many lovely gifts and I’m looking forward to going to northern Indiana in August for her wedding. I’ve been there in the cold of winter twice now so I’m really looking forward to seeing it the summer. Myra has been teaching school here this past year and we are wishing we could keep her.  But, we’re quite happy for her!

Adios! I shall be going out of town for the weekend for a wedding. Doing a first for me: taking pictures. So far I’ve not been too nervous about it. I did dream the other night that I had forgotten to stay ’til they had left the reception, and hadn’t gotten any pictures of them leaving!



7 thoughts on “The Little Hat Answer – Thursday May 8, 2008

  1. What a riot!  I love those bridal gowns, esp. Myra’s below-the-shoulder one! See you this weekend! Do you still want to meet for supper tomorrow night? BTW- if you’re bringing cheesecake, I’ll take some too.  I wonder how may smilies I could use on this comment.

  2. Ahh, finally, an end to the suspense.  Best of luck on the wedding.  Thank God you’re not shooting in the days of film when the suspense afterwards was worse then before.

  3. Well, I knew I didn’t guess correctly, but maybe I should have, seeing as I grew up with crocheted covers or some such thing (never thought of it as a hat!) on extra t.p. rolls….but I have never done it at my house so maybe that’s why I didn’t think of it.(excuses)   Those bridal gowns are great….using tissue paper is a good idea, much better result than just t.p.  We played The Price Is Right at my niece’s bridal shower too.  You guys go all out for your parties, the way it looks!

  4. I am coming over and bringing Twila^^. We need a party. That and a Real Good exuse to come see Roni. She  should go into tissue desinging more often.

  5. I don’t know why this particular post did it for me … but sometimes I must say that I get jealous of all the fun you folks have … “you folks” being all of those fortunate enough to live in a close nit community of friends and relatives. Someday I hope to get back to living in such an environment once again. Thanks for sharing.

  6. When i agreed (agree is actually to kind) to let them swath me in toilet and tissue paper, i had no idea i was agreeing to be put in that state on xanga for the whole world to see.!!!

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