The Little Hat – Wednesday May 7, 2008

Don’t ask me what made me think of this. No idea myself.


The Little Hat

Don’t sit there sad and forsaken
When you find the last piece taken
Just look around and you will find
The very thing you had in mind.




Do you have any idea what this “hat” is and what is underneath it?  



10 thoughts on “The Little Hat – Wednesday May 7, 2008

  1. Ok, I know I’m WAY out in left wing but I’ve been dying to have a pc of the yummy cheesecake you keep posting pics of so I’m pretty sure “the hat” is the cover to one of those footed cake server thingys and the cheesecake is all gone.  Bummer.  You could have brought me some this weekend.   I’d even make tomato basil soup for you in exchange.  Just say the word! =)

  2. This is nutty but I thought of your hair being your hat and then you forget something but you keep searching your mind (which is underneath the hat) until you find it.  That’s how a half-old brain works. lol  Wondering what the real answer is….

  3. I can’t believe nobody’s gotten it yet!  It’s a crocheted toilet paper cover that you put on the tank lid for an extra roll.  (which I just happen to have in our half bath, made by your mama 😉  Okay, what’s my prize?

  4. I would bet Joann is right. I knew I’ve read that little poem somewhere before and that would sound like something that you would mindlessly read while you sit!

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