Think Pink – Wednesday February 18, 2009

Sunday we had a baby shower for Gina, who is expecting her first girl after 4 active boys. They’re the kind of boys that people say are “all boy.” Come to think of it, have you every heard a parent (or anyone else) say a boy is “part boy”? I think not. I’ll let you draw your own conclusion to that. You probably would anyway.

No, I’m not grouchy. Just feeling catty. Whatever that means.

So as I was saying, we threw a shower for Gina. Wait, how do you throw a shower, anyway?? Okay, okay. On with the details.

There was lots of pink around: in the decor, in the food, in the gifts. We are all happy Stan and Gina are having a girl. Tickled pink, actually. Ha Ha

[Somebody slap me!]

We played several games, one included some name suggestions for their baby girl. Each person was supposed to write 2 names on small pieces of paper – one they liked, one they didn’t. We mixed the names up and everyone pulled two back out of the basket to create a first and last name. It was interesting hearing the combinations. We should have written them down. There were some real doozies! Including Elizabeth Elizabeth. One person pulled two slips with the same name. There were other mentionables and unmentionables: Mia, Matilda, Bertha, Agatha, Hannah and the list goes on. It’s probably good we didn’t know which names were the liked and which were the disliked. Wouldn’t want any feelings getting hurt.

It got me to thinking about names and how a parent should probably make sure their child is not given a cruel name, one that will incur much teasing and harassment. There are a few such names around. I found a website that lists names and meanings. It also lists the top 10, top 100, top whatever names of US-born babies from the late 1800s to 2007.

Since old names have become more popular in the last number of years, I decided to see if they’re was a trend. Here is what I found for the last 120 years, picking every ten years.



Emily Isabella Emma Ava Madison Sophia Olivia Abigail Hannah Elizabeth

Jacob Michael Ethan Joshua Daniel Christopher Anthony William Matthew Andrew



Emily Jessica Ashley Sarah Hannah Samantha Taylor Alexis Elizabeth Madison

Michael Jacob Matthew Christopher Joshua Nicholas Brandon Andrew Austin Tyler



Jessica Ashley Amanda Jennifer Sarah Stephanie Brittany Nicole Heather Elizabeth

Michael Christopher Matthew Joshua David Andrew Daniel James Justin Robert



Jennifer Melissa Amy Jessica Heather Angela Michelle Kimberly Amanda Kelly

Michael Jason Christopher David James Robert John Brian Matthew Joseph



Lisa Kimberly Michelle Mary Susan Karen Angela Tammy Melissa Jennifer

Michael David James John Robert William Mark Richard Christopher Brian



Lisa Kimberly Michelle Mary Susan Karen Angela Tammy Melissa Jennifer

Michael James David Robert John William Mark Richard Thomas Steven



Linda Mary Patricia Barbara Sandra Carol Nancy Susan Sharon Donna

James Robert John William Richard David Michael Thomas Charles Larry



Mary Barbara Patricia Shirley Betty Carol Nancy Dorothy Joan Margaret

Robert James John William Richard Charles Donald David Thomas George



Mary Dorothy Betty Helen Margaret Ruth Doris Virginia Shirley Barbara

Robert John James William Charles Richard George Donald Joseph Edward



Mary Helen Dorothy Margaret Ruth Mildred Anna Elizabeth Frances Virginia

John William James Robert Joseph George Charles Edward Frank Thomas



Mary Helen Margaret Anna Ruth Dorothy Elizabeth Mildred Alice Marie

John William James George Robert Charles Joseph Frank Edward Henry



Mary Anna Helen Margaret Ruth Elizabeth Florence Ethel Marie Emma

John William James George Robert Charles Joseph Frank Edward Henry



Mary Anna Elizabeth Emma Margaret Minnie Bertha Clara Florence Ida

John William James George Charles Frank Joseph Henry Thomas Edward


From 1947 on, Michael was in the top 10, with five times in first place. So, if your name is Michael, you should feel very special. Or not. I can’t tell for sure. If you ask me, the girl names are way trendier than the boys. I wonder why? When we were young, we thought names like Patricia and Priscilla were THE BOMB.

Mary made it in the top 10 nine times and was first place 6 out of those 9 times. Then in the 70s we Marys fell out of grace and the names moved on to totally different names. Looking at that list, don’t you feel the subtle shift in names after the 70s? Must’ve been some decade.

Just a few pictures so you aren’t completely bored with this whole name thing.

the mother-to-be

a little lamb stealthily creeping up on the veggies and dip – sheep are vegetarians, you know.

interested guests watching the MTB ….

blindfolded, pulling baby items out of a bag and identifying them


the beautiful cake Andrea  made and decorated

something tells me there is more cake decorating in her future

strawberry lemonade made by yours truly served in Charity’s lovely crystal urn

last but not least the gifts


Of course, if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know by now that “a few pictures on Marylou’s site” is an oxymoron.

Adios mi amigos y amigas!

13 thoughts on “Think Pink – Wednesday February 18, 2009

  1. I have a good friend who has 5 boys (and then a girl) and all five of those boy names are in the 2007 list, and four of them are in the 1997 and 1987 list (and the mama knew they were in the top 10 for many years running).  As for me, I like names that are a little less common, but not made-up or odd.  You’ll have to be sure and tell us what Gina’s baby’s name is when she’s born!

  2. It is interesting to see the most popular names down through the years. I agree with Twila though. We had 9 children and not a single name is on the most popular list. (Two middle names were.) And I simply don’t care much for made up names either. Lovely baby shower!

  3. Fascinating! Two of my sisters, Mary and Barbara, are 1 & 2 in the 1937 list, birth years 1940-’41. To my knowledge, the worst case of cruel names was a Texan, (surname Hogge), who in the early 20th century reportedly named his twin daughters, Ima and Ura.

  4. Loved your pictures.  It was indeed a fun day, however, I think you get more out of those gatherings if you’re a guest rather than a hostess.  Tyler is the only one of our children to make the top 10 list.  We didn’t know any Tylers at that point, but it seemed after he was born there were Tylers everywhere.  And yes, there are more cakes in my future, one this coming weekend for Brooklyn Ulrich.

  5. After a rough two days, thank you for making me laugh! As for the pictures, keep up the oxymorons! Can’t wait to hear the news…. Did you notice that in 1957 and 1967 the most popular girls’ names are identical? Interesting trivia.  

  6. Well, it looks like we have two top-tenners and two not-top-tenners! 😉  The funny thing is that in the 1987 girls’ list, two of them (and right beside each other, even!) were one of my picks for a girl–Brittany Nicole.  Unfortunately, Robin didn’t like either one! 

  7. Awwww…there’s my sweet grandma…and Aunt Becky (whom my grandma has always called Rebecca)…and cousins Gloria & Gina!  I was getting a little put-out by all the details and no pics.  And then I scrolled down and was happy again. 😀 Thanks for letting me be there vicariously.

  8. Looks like alot of fun….those names looked a bit too familiar…sure wasn’t long ago when I was reading thru all that trying to find the “perfect” name:) Didn’t see Chloe Natyah on any list but pretty sure we don’t mind:)  Interesting post by theway!

  9. So happy for Stan and Gina.  I didn’t know she was pregnant.  Steve often talked about how much he loved their boys.  Oh, and BTW, I do know a few boys whose parents don’t classify them as “all boy.”  They usually have a laid-back personality.

  10. i notice the name trends a lot in my subbing classes.  some have surprised me like jacob…but what’s surprised me even more are the many cross gender names – in addition to the regular ones like jordan taylor tyler etc.  recently i had two girls (different schools) named ryan.  oh well…i do try to be careful…a couple years ago i referred to a 7th grader as a girl when he was a boy!:(  poor kid!  i told him it was because of his pretty (long) hair! 🙂 anyway we laughed it off!

  11. Fun reading about all those names! And maybe I’ll even pick up a name or two to use for our baby. :)) Naming your own child is way more difficult than I ever thought it would be! ‘Course you would say to let you know what we’re having and you would be more than happy to help us out! 🙂

    That strawberry lemonade was ever so good… I didn’t know you had made it!

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