Spring and Warm Weather – Friday February 27, 2009

 We’ve had a couple of days with lovely spring weather. Somehow it managed to escape my notice that the azaleas are blooming. Maybe because there are no bushes in our neighborhood. The “tulip” trees, or Japanese Magnolias are about finished. Every year I am determined to get some pictures of them but then I forget until it’s too late. There aren’t very many trees around so I guess I’ll have to bang on someone’s door and see if they’ll let me in their yard.

One of the types of trees here have red seeds that show up in early spring. The look real pretty in the evening sun. And yesterday we had beautiful fluffy white clouds in a blue, blue sky. So I took my camera on a walk over lunch break.

sunny day 1

sunny day 2

sunny day 4

In the early evening sun:

sunny day 5    

sunny day 3

We also have a few things planted in our garden now … some things that require cool weather, which will be a thing of the past before long.

garden 3

The broccoli plants several weeks ago:

garden 4

garden 6

garden 1

garden 2

garden 5

garden 7

We also have cauliflower, spring onions and potatoes planted. Can’t wait to have some yummy goodness from the garden.  


And for very random addition, here is a scene looking out my office door at work, a scene I see fairly frequently:

sunny day 6

sunny day 7

That depot is in desperate need of repair. They gutted it several months ago. The city officials have been in it again this past week. According to the paper, it will soon be remodeled for the chamber of commerce. It had beautiful blue doors on it that I used for pictures a time or two. Hopefully it will have some character again when it’s finished. Just maybe we’ll get to do the remodel. We could supervise it from our desks.

Hope you have a great weekend! When I have a chance to edit the photos, I tell what I was doing last weekend.


3 thoughts on “Spring and Warm Weather – Friday February 27, 2009

  1. Hooray for renovating the defunct depot!  We’ve enjoyed eating in a number of depots around the country that have been turned into restaurants.  John always likes to see those stations restored rather than razed.

  2. If your town does half as well with the remodel on the old R.R station as Farmville has, it will be a nice place. This was done well before we moved here in 1999 and is more appealing than it may have been for a very long time–possibly even better than when it was built. It’s available now for group events. In fact, the chldren held our 50th wedding anniversary there.

    Despite it’s current attractiveness there’s a not-so-subtle reminder of a bygone era. The “middle wall of partition” is long gone, but double men’s and women’s restrooms back to back remind the perceptive visitor that earlier “COLORED” and “WHITE” signs kept paseengers in separate waiting rooms.

  3. My computer/internet connection will not let me view your pictures!! I’m sure they’re quite lovely, as always, so thought I’d leave a comment just to say so! 🙂

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