Dreams – Tuesday February 17, 2009

or are they nightmares?

I’ve always had strange and funny and scary dreams, several recent ones being no exception. Most do not make sense at all and there are times I wished my imagination was not quite so vivid.

I really don’t know what sparked the “oil in my land” dream. Maybe the roses came from all the Valentine decor seen everywhere. Who knows?

Last week one night I had a bad dream about a lot of people being on this platform built onto the side of a very very high cliff (I have a mild case of acrophobia, although it’s worse in dreams than real life). Everyone is okay until this little blimp (dirigible) comes around with several people hanging out the side talking to us. Suddenly the one man on the blimp falls out and drops to his death. Several people who are also on the platform with me, including the brother-in-law of one of my friends, rush to help and accidently go over the side as well. Two babies fall to their death as well. [What in the world are we doing up there in the first place if it’s that dangerous???] We are sobbing in horror and disbelief. Some men bring the bodies up from the bottom and walk across this platform. The bodies are on stretchers. My friend’s husband walks across to look at them and I freak out, knowing he has no idea his brother is one who had lost his life.

About that time I jerk awake, my heart beating wildly. After laying there a bit I drifted off to sleep only to continue the dream. This time I made myself wake up all the way ’cause I had had enough of that dream.

A few nights later I had a dream about a dictator suddenly taking over the country where I lived (don’t know if it was the USA or not). It was not a pleasant experience and had very strange happenings. I really can’t even put them into words because it would make no sense whatsoever.

Last night I had dream where I got very mad. It is really very funny, actually.  I was trying to take a picture of a choir who had come though here to give a program. The problems were: 1. there were 300 people in the choir. 2. they were on a hill, I was down in at the bottom of the hill. 3. i couldn’t seem to get my camera settings/tripod position right.

They were mostly arranged, but then there were several guys in the front who were blocking everyone from my disadvantage point of being downhill from them. I got them to move. Worked on getting my tripod as high as it would go and realized I needed a chair to stand on to get high enough. By this time the lighting had really changed and when I looked up, the whole group was moving to a different spot on the hill so they wouldn’t have to look in the sun. I have no idea how much time had passed. Dreams are timeless, you know. But that frustrated me because I had to start all over with my setup. So I ordered (!) them to get back into the original spot. I played around with my camera and tripod some more and when I looked up, all 300 were gone. They had probably assumed that I had managed to get some shots somewhere along the line. I was ticked off! I had been working on it for what felt like hours, now they had walked off and I didn’t have a single photo to work with [can’t you just feel the frustration?]. I woke up with a start and almost laughed with relief that it was just a dream. Instead of 300 people thinking I was an total idiot, I got off scot-free.

Any suggestions for reducing ridiculous dreams?


9 thoughts on “Dreams – Tuesday February 17, 2009

  1. Aren’t you tired after all those exhausting dreams?!  I go in cycles where I have crazy dreams too, mostly about earthquakes or then somebody is in our house or I think something happened to my hubby (SCARY!).  He’s very patient with getting shaken and poked on occasion!  Try drinking Sleepytime tea before bed…there’s even a Sleepytime “Extra” variety that has valerian in  it…good stuff!  I never put much stock in dreams but it’s sure funny to read about yours!  

  2. I recently had a dream, too, that when I woke up and realized it was a dream, it was such a relief! Only now, I don’t remember at all what the dream was about!!

  3. Boy, know exactly what you are talking about… I have them really bad  when I’m pregnant but i don’t think that would be your cause. πŸ™‚  I hate it when i’m still thinking about them the next day and still friek me out.  I really don’t have any answers either.

  4. Umm, quit eating those snicker bars and drinking sweet tea before you go to bed, silly. πŸ™‚ Just kidding. I don’t dream often, but when I do they are quite vivid and I can usually “interpret” them – i.e. they fit in the scheme of my life in a jumbled sort of way. Not much help here am I?? πŸ™‚ 

  5. Hi. I know who you are through Esther Beachy (my co-worker) and Ruby Miller. Plus I might have met you at the singles retreat last summer and at Caryn (Swartzentruber)’s wedding. Or was that your sister? Anyway, I enjoyed reading your posts and I’d like to subscribe to you! Your post on dreams…there’s nothing quite like waking up from a bad dream and the RELIEF that it was only a dream!! Maybe you have some haunting memories in your past? : ) 

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