Ode to (southern) Winter – Monday February 16, 2009

Your grass is brown
your trees are bare
your days are short
and it’s not fair –
We have no snow
we have no ice
I guess that last part
is kind of nice.

Some days you’re cold
some days you’re hot
and every day
we know not
how to dress
and what to wear
I guess that’s all
up in the air.

One day we roast
the next we freeze
one week we’re barefoot
the next we sneeze.
And when you’re cold
would you please kill off
the gnats that bug us
and make life rough.

God’s plan for you
in being this way
was probably to make
spring a better day.
When grass is green
and life springs new –
try not get jealous
and be blue.



5 thoughts on “Ode to (southern) Winter – Monday February 16, 2009

  1. Very well written, I say! Captures the contrast of our uninviting winters with the hope of the coming spring! And oh, may it come! I’m longing to see something beautiful outside again!

  2. The changing weather is anyday better than COLD! I always say the only good thing I can think of about winter is that I then appreciate the spring more!!

  3. Lersarm said exactly what i was going to say!  how’s that for thinking like a former teacher?!  anyway, i like it too!  and btw i just got finished minutes ago checking jesup weather and being jealous!!!:)

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