Stuff – Thursday April 3, 2008

   Yeah, I’ve got a lot to say so ‘scuse the real newsy post. Dogwood festival last weekend, relaxing time (after the bake sale) with family for Phil’s birthday, lots of great meat grilled by my brothers, goofy neighbors over for supper (where, o where, are the pictures of that picturesque bunch?) Tuesday night, lunch with Sharon and Linda today. Oh, yeah, and I’m getting ready to go to St. Augustine/Orlando with the single ladies/youth girls from here in honor of Myra, our teacher.

A few pictures to finish off this really long post. Hope you haven’t gotten tired of reading yet.

morning light 2
I’ve been waiting for a foggy morning so I could get these oak trees and fenceline.

morning light 3


old dogwood 
Still can’t leave the dogwoods alone.


flowers 003
I got this chest of drawers for a song. There was only one small problem







flowers 002
 There was one small piece broken off. On the first picture it’s being held by gum . Just need a little gorilla glue to patch it up for real.



Later friends



17 thoughts on “Stuff – Thursday April 3, 2008

  1. I love that fence!!! I have been trying to come up with a new place around to take the girl’s pictures for this year. What day can I buzz down ? 🙂  That is a beautiful dresser too. I would gladly sing a song for that 🙂 :).

  2. That first fence picture is GORGEOUS!!!! I didn’t know there are such pretty places in South Georgia! 🙂  And your chest of drawers is a delicious find. Lovely lovely lovely!!

  3. Wow, even if I didn’t know you and enjoy your news, I’d have to visit your site just for the pictures! Beautiful! Love the first one especially! Jordan takes some good pictures and although our camera isn’t anything special, I’d like to get a couple of them blown up and framed for his room. Maybe you have some expertise on how they would look and if they would be clear. The boys are planning to come down for the BB tournament next weekend and I might come with them. If I do, maybe I can talk to you then.

  4. nope i havent gotten a camera yet, my mama informed me the other day tht sum of my brothers are gonna get me a camera for my grad and i am gonna get it early. i will be sure to take lotttts of pics and i will post them too. 🙂

  5. Ok, let’s see if I can type this right to make sens….could not get this out of my head the other day and I just had to smile!   “But DOES he know the territory!”  hahaha.  I promise, I don’t know WHAT made me think of that but I was all alone and started singing then I just laughed.  I MISS you!  I’m coming next weekend and hopefully you’ll be around!  Can’t wait to see you if you’re there!  Have a good weekend.

  6. Hi,don’t know if you remember me or not I think we’ve met but I know your sis a little better.I just noticed she is teaching a BS and I will be starting on of my own the last Mon.of the mnth so I was looking for ideas .Have a blessed week-

  7. I think we met years ago when I came to SC withour chorus,maybe Theresa Otto’s wedd.(we’re ggod  friends) or youth fellowship mts it was very long time ago.I also know your bro.Phil from MT View Reunions.BTW love the pics dogwood is my fave.Ours are just startin to bloom.

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