Thursday April 17, 2008

It’s been two weeks since the last post and I’m not sure where to start other than at the beginning. ha ha

Six of us ladies went to FL on a short weekend trip. We stayed in St. Augustine but went down to Orlando for Saturday, joining many other throngs of tourists at

orlando 3

Yup. It was Epcot. Lois was the only one out of our group who had been there before. When we left were drrrenched and I mean drrrrenched but it was well worth the soaking. It actually could’ve been downright hot had it not been for the showers. I didn’t get many pictures since I opted to not take my camera and I was glad later I hadn’t. I did get a few with Lois’ camera. Sadly we didn’t manage to get a group picture since Sunday when we were dressed for church it started raining again. We didn’t get to see much of St. Augustine because of the rain. We attended a Methodist church, which was having communion that Sunday. It was interesting to attend. Lots of readings and response readings and up and down in our seats. That last sentence probably doesn’t make sense but I don’t feel like re-wording it right now.

orland 2

We stayed at a resort at the World Golf Village. Due to rain and thunderstorms in the evenings, and being gone in the day, we got to enjoy these pools exactly 10 minutes. Notice all the water standing in the sand v-ball court in the right, center of the picture.

orlando 2

Ah, yes. There were golfing options.

orlando 1
LtoR: Lois, Katie, Myra, Ruth (visiting from IN) and Laurie. Becky was going to come along as well but then had to work.

We ate a yummy manicotti supper at the condo. Since the Epcot tickets were so expensive, we decided to save $ by taking most of our food along.


There were beautiful gardens at Epcot and many lovely sights but like I said I didn’t take many pictures. I did think, though, that you needed to see my shoes. I had kind of the same dilemma as Christy and I finally found this pair that could be worn without socks (socks make my feet terribly hot). I can’t do flip-flops but these fit the bill. I thought they looked funny when I bought them and I showed them to Lois, thinking she would howl with laughter, but she thought they looked like me. Yikes! They still crack me up.

Some of you may remember that I had a bad spider bite lat fall, well, since then I’ve had several other sores that have been infected, not bites actually but some kind of infection. Lois was concerned that it might be MRSA (google it if you wish) and then last week when I got another infection, this time on my calf, and felt quite sick from it, she got my dr. to prescribe a culture. I went to OB last week when she was working and she did the culture. They processed it at the hospital and Monday the dr. called and said it was not MRSA (PTL!!) but it was a staph infection. We’re still puzzled as to why I’ve been getting them but at least we know it’s not too serious. If/when I get another one hopefully we change to another antibiotic and get rid of it for good.

I felt much, much better after being on antibiotics for 24 hours, which was a good thing. Lois and I were in charge of the food stand Saturday at our first basket ball tournament, a fundraiser for the school. We had grilled chicken sandwiches and hamburgers, chips, cookies, bars, etc. drinks, etc. It went well and they were very pleased with the amount that was raised. There was also a church bakesale the same day so everyone was involved somewhere.

Here are a few pictures from the tournament.

The action:

bb 4

bb 3

bb 2

bb 1

bb 5

The enthusiastic crowd:



The food stand:

food stand

The 3-point contest:

3 point throws

The tournament winners:

1st place

Second place:

2nd place

On a different note, is anyone else having problems with their xanga subs? I got 2 daily digest emails in the last 2 weeks, and then this am, there were 6 in my inbox. Strange.

12 thoughts on “Thursday April 17, 2008

  1. Ahh that ladies trip sounds like a riot! I’m going on a one-nighter ladies thingy tomorrow. And I’ve heard a lot about that tourney, so I enjoyed the pictures. You go, second place!!!!!!!  Choice bookers are worth something. Lovely shoes!!

  2. Hey, thanks for sharing the pictures.  It was so fun to be going down through them and then gasp… “hey family, here’s pictures of Wes and Marcus.”  So we were all checking them out and rootin’ for them.  Sounds like a fun time.  I too really liked your shoes. 

  3. Hey, thanks for your email yesterday–so glad you’re feeling better and I hope that’s the end of your troubles!  We haven’t been to Epcot since the time we left Dennis with y’all when he was 7 months old and we took the older two–I think it’s high time to go again–if we can ever find the time.  That pool looks lovely!  Your shoes look just like Beth and Jess’, only theirs are shades of pink.  And yes, I wasn’t getting my daily email digests, either.  Then I got them for two days, and didn’t get it again today.  I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one. 

  4. We went for quite a few days without getting the daily digests. I thought maybe I had accidentally unsubscribed. I look forward to getting them everyday!

    We went to Epcot many years ago. I’d love to go again sometime. I’m sure a lot of it has changed since then — esp. the price of admission! It was around $24 back then.

  5. Ok, #1 – I have to say, I absolutely LOVE the 3rd picture from the tournaments!  The guy in the red shorts looks like he so badly wants to block the shot but doesn quiiiiiite have enough energy…so he just barely sticks his hand up.  Made me laugh…and it’s only 7:30am.  That’s good for me!

    #2 – I see NO pictures of me.

    #3 – Couldn’t get ahold of Gloria for that recipe…was wondering if you might have it??

    #4 – It was SO good to see you and even “doing lunch” with you. I hope you have a wonderful day!

                   Love, me

  6. Lokks like you all had a fun all girls weekend it’s been awhile since I’ve been on one .I got to ask did you get the  W-mart they look like some I saw there.Hope your feelin better,Be Blesed

  7. What a gorgeous condo you stayed in… And sounds like so much fun to do a girls weekend. If I didn’t like being married, I’d wish I were single so I could go along. 🙂

  8. CHuckle,chuckle and again..chuckle! What cute shoes(that would horrify my husband)you have! For some crazy reason my husband still likes the really heavy chunky shoes that are so far “out” of style and so very uncomfortable. And to this flip flop girl it seems utterly ridiculous. I love Mary Janes and he(Lyn not Mary Jane) told me that they made me look “squatty”. Now really I’m not short so how is that possible? SIGH!!!  Lots of fun in Georgia I see! Our spring is finally commencing and this Georgia-turned-Indiana girl is HAPPPPPY! Soon I’ll work in my flower beds and start my garden. My MIL always says not til after Mothers Day and I can hardly wait that long,but there is “preparing” it to plant so I’ll satisfy myself with that. I actually saw a few tiny little flowers along the side of our house and thought”if I were ML I would snap a picture or 10,alas I’m not and I didn’t! Sorry about not returning you call. Kind of had sick kids and busy days but I’m interested in a few golf photo’s for Lyns office. Wondered if you had any in your trove or would snap some for me and also wanted to know how much it would cost for something like a 10×13 or larger. No frame. Anyway…..Too long,I’ll quit writing.

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