Savannah on my mind – Thursday March 27, 2008

  Lovely weekend, it was. Mine was shorter than Lois and her friend’s Beat and Hilda, though. They galivanted around for 5 days straight, using our place for a landing pad at night. I did go with them to Savannah on Saturday. Since you already know that spring is in full bloom here, it is probably pointless to tell you that Savannah was beautiful, and that the weather was beyond perfect.

I forgot to take my extra battery along for my camera so I didn’t get as many pictures as I could’ve.



We had full intentions of eating at Lady and Sons (Paula Deen) but they were booked full. Lesson learned: if you want to eat there for Saturday lunch, then you probably have to get in line by 8 or 9 in the morning. We were there by 11:15 and the only reservations left to take were for 8:45 that night. So we gave up hopes of that but were directed to another southern buffet taking place at The Pirates House. Great food although I don’t know how it compares to Lady & Sons since I’ve never yet been there.

I didn’t get a picture of all four of us so here are a few at the restaurant. They know I have a xanga site and that the possibility of showing up on here was pretty high so unless I get sued, here are the pictures:

Hilda, practising posing for portraits (not really)

lunch 4
Beat, getting a grip on her sweet tea

 lunch 5
Lois, regaling us with stories from her Thai trip.

lunch 2
Southern comfort food, L to R starting at the bottom: BBQ pulled pork, macaroni pie, collard greens, chicken pot pie, sweet potato souffle.

 lunch 3
Sweet tea good enough to make you cry

tea 2
An “painted” version of the sweet tea.

We took a leisurely stroll along River Street.
Georgia on My Mind

This trumpet player kept everyone quite entertained!! Unsuspecting people would walk past him and he would play a short tune to them.

Curly, red-hired lady: Tomorrow for Lil Orphan Annie
A rainbow tied-died shirt: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Young Couple holding hands: Here Comes the Bride
Lady in pink shirt: Pink Panther Theme

Most people would be nearly passed him before they realized they were the center of attention. It was pretty funny seeing their reaction!

We did a little bit of shopping. You can’t forget the candy stores there:

Doesn’t it want to make you cry, seeing all those perfectly good calories sitting there, as you walk coldly past them, leaving them sit on the shelf.

candy 2
More perfectly good calories.

candy 3
Last, but certainly not least, pecan pralines that are too delicious for words.

On to Forsyth Park… continued the photo session there with Hilda and Beat. There were at least 2 weddings getting ready to take place. We had passed one square where a wedding was happening, and they had 13 couples in their bridal party.

I wish I could say I got this stunning picture of the fountain, but alas there were always lots of people around and by the time the area cleared out a little, my battery died. So, an old b&w version:


Gorgeous Easter Lilies:

Painted versions

Photo version (sounds kind of funny.. a photo version of a photo  )

Alas, even pretty days must come to an end. And fun weekends also have an end. But there’s always more to look forward to.

Our Easter program went well Sunday night in spite of having only 2 practices. It was so much fun singing again!!! Calvary’s Love was my favorite.

Calvary’s Love, Calvary’s love
Priceless gift Christ makes us worth of;
The deepest sin can’t rise above
Calvary’s Love.


Hope you all had a blessed Easter!

13 thoughts on “Savannah on my mind – Thursday March 27, 2008

  1. All your pics of the pretty flowers almost make me want to cry. We miss Georgia weather this time of year. I finally saw my first glimpse of crocus’ that were growing in the middle of our yard.  And all the candy…..oh la la la!!! I would love to go there again, even just for a sample of that AWESOME praline!! We tried to eat at Lady and Sons once too with Erin’s parents and got in the same predicament y’all did. Must be a rocking place, but my, who feels like waiting in line that long?  Looks like a great weekend. I was at CBS with Hilda years ago, so I know who she is. Did you happen to make a recording of that program I’m hearing so much about?

  2. Absolutely beautiful pictures. 🙂 Makes me wish to take a stroll through Savannah!

     My Mom, Dad and sister came home from Thailand last wed too. They had to lot to say about Lois in the little bit of time they spent with her. 🙂 Mom really enjoyed chatting with her. 🙂 Mom told her she saw pictures of your new house and Lois was like, “How in the world? We don’t even know you!” She forgot about xanga. 🙂

  3. Very nice pictures indeed!  We learned our lesson about Lady & Sons several weekends ago too.  I’m with you… my favorite song was Calvary’s Love as well.  See ya!

  4. I love the painted version of the sweet tea! So cool! And, oh yes, I shall be sure to give you the royalties you deserve from my new business: The Big Pink Flower Hat & Co. :))

  5. hey lady!! i’ve heard about ya’ll and your lovely new house from Carol Yoder. i work at girls camp with her, i’m also Dwight Martins sister, anyway!! i’ve heard from my cousin that the lady and sons isn’t that great of a place, for the amount you pay the food isn’t that good! beautiful pics of Savannah!!

  6. Oh yes…many of those things made me cry,literally. The sweet tea alone! But then,of course,I had to see the lovely macaroni pie and BBQ…and the flowers and the candy store…..haven’t been to savannah in ages and its on my list next time I come. Along w/ a trip  to Lady and Sons. LOVE Paula Deen. I have a question about some pics but I don’t have your number for some reason so if you want to give me a call or message me your number……574-537-0084 or 238-1382. Thanks    Have a great weekend.

  7. Mary Lou, the pictures are simply beautiful!!!!!  And now I’m longing for another trip to Savannah–the river walk, the tea, the beauty, and the good food.  I know I keep saying this, but one of these days we will drive to Jesup for the weekend.  We’re both dreaming of it.  Our next three weekends are planned, but maybe we can do it sometime in April.

  8. My mouth is watering….I’d love to stroll Savannah again one of these days! When Dorinda and I and our daughters were to Savannah two years ago, we did manage to get in to Lady & Sons. We got there about 9am or before and waited in a long line to put in our name and the only thing left for the 11:30 seating was at the bar, which was more like a counter, as they weren’t serving alcohol. I think then it cost like 12.95 for lunch buffet, which is kind of expensive, but it is, afterall, Paula Deen’s restaurant and I guess you have to pay for the experience, too. If you like good old fashioned Southern food…..which I know you do… is fabulous! I wondered why the salad bar was so small and not very crowded……we soon realized that salad you can get anywhere….so don’t waste stomach space on that! It was all wonderful. All the way down to the warm hoe-cakes w/ syrup that they serve everyone and the Banana Puddin’ for dessert! And I do hope you at least had a sample of those pralines! Beautiful flower pics, too!

  9. Thanks for commenting.  Wondering something…I always think my pictures lack sharpness.  It could be my lens, I guess. Do you change your camera setting for portrait or landscape or whatever?  I never do, but I think that varies the amount of saturation and possibly sharpness. 

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