Spring is springing – Friday March 21, 2008

 up all around us. Lots of beautiful flowering going on right now. Bradford pear treas, azaleas, dogwood, wysteria and other budding trees and nameless (to me) bushes.

For your viewing pleasure


azalea 3

azalea 4

azalea 2



daffodil 2

flowers 042
Seems to me this one should be named “confetti” or “streamers”

 This little fellow seemed to be smiling smugly in the Schrock’s back yard.


dogwood 2

dogwood 3

dogwood 4

dogwood 5

dogwood 6


May your day be sunny and bright and filled with God’s beauty!!!



15 thoughts on “Spring is springing – Friday March 21, 2008

  1. I dont know what Schrock Backyard you were perusing but that bee looks like Raymond. I laughed out loud. Then read what you wrote and laughed again. The dogwood pictures are very nice!

  2. The daffodils – are they the ones that make up the “landscaping” at your place?? :]    I’m tickled to death with my pictures – 2 of them are on my mantle as i write……

  3. MARILOU,,MARILOU,,MARILOU.  just starting my own little chant…for an encore! They are awesome. My favorites Are the dogwoods and the dafodills and the azeleas and…oh, who am I kidding I liked them all b/c they remind me of spring. Something we don’t have in the nasty north..only snow and ice and more of it!!! Easter weekend and its snowing!! SCREAM!!!!!! Ok now i feel sufficiently bipolar!! 

  4. How pretty!!! I love the macro lense, or line of focus, or what is it that it’s called?? Must be that nifty little lense you have. And a really good photographer. 🙂

  5. Beautiful pictures.  No, I hadn’t heard Myra’s engaged.  Good for her.  The trip sounds fun and I’m sure ya’ll will make it interesting!  No, no….nothing special happened.  I just like that verse. =) Hope everything’s going well and that you have a beautiful day!

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