Tuesday February 19, 2008

 I just had a lovely relaxing weekend, a great kind to have.  I went to SC with Myra, leaving after work on Thursday night. Friday I had a some business to discuss with Christy, then on to Anderson for some solo shopping time. Hobby Lobby was my target and I must’ve been around the store seven times, well, must’ve been only 6 since the walls didn’t fall down.

The first thing I spotted as I went into the store was the silk flowers. Having moved into a new house, decor was on the brain. I found some beautiful red peony-looking flowers for $6 per flower. I gingerly stuck one in the cart, hoping something just as pretty would be available elsewhere, without having to cash in my retirement fund.

Aha, I found a beautiful garland using the same flower, as well as other matching red flowers to the tune of $60. That certainly was much better but it had 13 flowers which was still cheaper than buying a bunch of single flowers. I had hopes of better things to come looked desperately for sale fliers. None to be found there, but several aisles over were the bouquet bunches. Aisles and aisles of tacky looking flowers, all half-price. Figures. All the ugly ones are on sale. Until I looked closer. There, amid the colorful sprays of flowers most tacky were the very ones I was looking for. Fifty percent off, what a beautiful sign. Seven flowers for $10. Needless to say I felt quite smug! Did I mention the ceramic containers/vases were half-price as well?

Late lunch at Panera Bread and a little more shopping before heading back to my brother Phil’s place. As I was walking up the path I notice some small flowers clustered here and there. So I dropped everything I was carrying

crocus 3
Yeah, well pretty literally. More like laid down what I was carrying and 
snapped some shots of

crocus 1  

crocus 2  


We are too far south to have them and I think it may the first time I saw real live ones. The ones in the books looked more like tulip-size so I was surprised at how small they really are.

  crocus 4

crocus 5

These next pictures are for my brother Phil.

chickens 5
Aha! Alien spies! I knew they’ve been watching us!


chickens 1
 What is that odd clicking noise?

chickens 2  
I think I’ve about got it pin-pointed.

chickens 3  
It must be that alien with that odd black thing.

chickens 4
Yup! I was right. But what is she doing with that lousy lens on her camera?
 She should upgrade to at least a 24-70mm 2.8.


chickens 6  
Maybe if we stare at her long enough she’ll leave.

chickens 7  
Staring her down doesn’t seem to be working.


chickens 8
I have astigmatism in my left eye. I’ll try my right one.

chickens 9
She is an alien spy. And what is she doing with that lens. She definitely needs to upgrade.


Other highlights of the weekend:

 – Going out to eat Friday and Saturday nights, chatting with Phil.
 – Enjoying a beautiful luncheon for a surprise b.d. party for my cousin Neta.
 – Relaxing on Judy’s front porch in the beautiful sunshine and friendly conversation.
 – Hearing HBS chorale Sunday AM and seeing friends I rarely see at Whispering Pines.
 – Lunch at Titus and Ellens, chatting with them and the cousins.


12 thoughts on “Tuesday February 19, 2008

  1. Loved the crocus & chix pix. Chickens and cows, collectively, are curious creatures (alliteration intended).

    As for being too far south for crocuses, I suspect you could grow them outside if you bought the bulbs in the fall, put them in the refrigerator for 2-3 months, then planted them. You would likely need to dig them after the plants wilt, store the bulbs in peat, and repeat the cold cycle in the fall.


  2.  I was excited to see you had lots of pictures on here. Imagine the disappointment when I discover its almost all CHICKENS!!!!! You could have at least posted a pic of the lovely red peonies you stole!

  3. What kind of camera do you have? My daughter is also into photography, currently she only has a digital … albeit a fairly highend one. But I’m guessing you have a more sofisticated manual one, right?

  4. Hello Beautiful!

       Yes – it’s true…she’ll be very spoiled & very loved.  Can’t wait!  You need to ask Gin about when we went to get some clothes for her and how much money we spent in so little time.  Absolutely ridiculous.  I’m missing you like crazy right now!  I’m definately in need of a Monday Night right now.  I miss all the stories. =(  Have a wonderful week I love you!

  5. It is delightful to meet the girls’ friends.  Thank you for introducing yourself.  Beautiful flower pictures!  The crocuses make me want to sing spring.   This is the way I enjoy chickens.  : ) 

  6. Marylou– I don’t know your e-mail address so am using this to tell you I found some very interesting info on parathyroid.com that might be of interest now since we just heard your Dad is in the hosp. with this problem.Hope thye find the problem and the solution soon and everything goes well. Praying for his recovery. Verna

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