Postcards Part 1 – Thursday July 26, 2007

Along with bull-riding, cliff-hanging and nail-biting, post processing is a dangerous sport. So tell me, did I go overboard with this edit?

city hall for web


city hall 2 for web
Ready to print



Have you told your camera lately that you love it?


10 thoughts on “Postcards Part 1 – Thursday July 26, 2007

  1. The edit is definitely better! 

    ryc: I had forgotten that you were here last year on Austin’s bday, but I do remember it now, since I had put your birthday in the bulletin that Sunday.  And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your special milemarker!! You do a great job on taking pictures!! I love looking at them!! That reminded me of the old post office days..trying to back out from there!! Esp with Grandpa’s camper!! O my word!! I was a nervous wreck till I got  safely back on the road….I think I had little Matthew one time directing me out on the road…Terrible wat u do sometimes..!!

  3. Looks like a pro!  Just like the best post cards one sees on the market. I enjoy all the pictures you post – would love to see many more!  You really are good at what you do.

  4. You and my sis-in-law Coleen are two of a kind in this area.  Wish I knew more about such things.  I was gonna say I love my camera on the days when I understand how to make it do what I want it to do.  Come to think of it, that goes for the computer too!  

    We are invited to a wedding this evening at the Sacred Heart Cultural Center in Augusta.  I don’t even know the bride and groom (son of one of Royal’s farmer friends), but I am really looking forward to it!  I know you enjoyed a wedding there once too….

  5. Happy, happy birthday… two days late! I saw it on the calendar a few days before, made a mental note to “not forget”…. well, I did!! Hope it was a special pamper-yourself kind of day anyhow. Would have taken you out for lunch if I could have. Come to think of it– that would be fun again! I hear Jesup calling my name lately.”o come, come, come, come to Jesup, Georgia. O come to Jesup now….” I’m missing it the last while and would do anything to be there right now. Maybe one of these days.
    Did you get my message? I sent you one a few days ago. Just thought you might not have seen it. How was the wedding? Thought of y’all!

  6. oops. I was gonna comment on the picture. The edit is lovely. I haven’t thought of telling my camera I love it, but then again I do have a husband. hehe

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