Weekend Happenings – Tuesday July 31, 2007

Thursday for lunch Jamie and Gloria O. took me out for my birthday. I help them set up their Quickbooks and more recently their payroll. They think they’re blonde and I think I’m a geek so it works out real well.  I keep telling them eventually payroll paperwork will make sense. It took me a while to get it too!

Gloria regaled us with details from a drama-filled wedding in which her daughter was flower girl. I told her she needs to get a xanga site because that story alone was worth hearing.

Friday night my family took me out to a Chinese restaurant. It’s a really good buffet with a generous portion of seafood. You could eat shrimp to your heart’s content.

Saturday was the wedding of Chris and Chrystal. There were arou nd 150 people at the wedding. They had a nice wedding. I didn’t stay for quite all of the reception since Lois and I were expecting 4 ladies to come in that evening.

The teachers from Antrim were on their way to Pensacola for teachers training and the single ladies stayed at our house. There was much lively talk throughout the weekend! We also were treated to delightful piano playing, too! Sunday evening we went down to the islands for supper. It was raining off and on and we were afraid we wouldn’t be able to have much of a picnic. We eventually found a nice covered table that really belonged to hotel guests but the offices there were closed and we figured not many people would be needing it. If it was a problem, we thought we could tell them we had out-of-state guests and we desperately wanted them to be impressed with Jekyll!!

Since I enjoy taking pictures and you are not opposed to seeing them (parody of Pride and Prejudice quote), here are some from the weekend.

Picture 025 2  
The teachers: Crystal, Adena, Roxanne & Piper

garden gate

Picture 020  



Sea oats  



Other weekend guests at our house:

creepy visitors

8 thoughts on “Weekend Happenings – Tuesday July 31, 2007

  1. Happy belated Birthday!  I honestly thought of you on the 27th and was going to come on here and leave you well wishes, but didn’t get it done.  I was wondering if you would lend your geek service to us too?  We’ve talked about getting you to help us get set up in the near future if we can’t figure everything out.

  2. I like the gate and the necklace pics the best but you can keep your arachnids. Is Piper originally from MN? There aren’t too many people with that name so I was wondering if she’s who I think she could be.

  3. What a pretty picture of an insect!  :-/  Your other lovely pictures make me want to visit the islands soon too.  We really will try.

    The wedding at S.H. was very beautiful and elegant, complete with a large portrait of the bride in her finery standing next to one of her father’s Brown Swiss cows!  Was a fun evening for us. 

    Yes, Happy Birthday to you!

  4. Happy belated Birthday to you too!  Yes, I’m still around and just don’t seem to have a whole lot of time to spend on Xanga right now.  Just lovin’ our summer though and I promise to post an update soon.  I was so excited to see pictures of our teachers…. Roxann will be Patrick’s 2nd grade teacher and we have not seen or met her.  Thanks! smile  you gave me an inside peek.      I enjoy your updates and pictures.  

  5. Thank you for the compliment…I’m trying hard to learn and while I love photographing children, I think they must be the most difficult subjects.  I am struggling badly with lighting.  I really, really want to learn how to capture natural light well b/c I don’t want to mess with studio lights.  I like letting children “go” to a degree b/c they look so much more relaxed then and by the time you’ve done the second shot they’d move out of range of the lights.  I’m thinking I may have to at least use a reflector b/c I have trouble with one side of Adam’s face being too dark.  Or else the “perfect spot” just still eludes me.  What can I do to keep whites from being too “bright” and overwhelming the picture?  I thought about it a little in Adam’s shirt.  I often use a white down comforter for a background w/ babies and it can really cause a problem if there’s a drop too much light.  Then again, you didn’t advertise free advice, now did you?  Sorry.  I pick the brains of almost every camera-toting-body I see.  Too bad I wasn’t born shy.

    PS the garden gate and marble angel should become post cards!  I’m quite sure I would buy them.

  6. hello there. i just noticed a mention on Liberia… scrolled down through recent posts and looked at your pictures. One of my best friends served over there for a little over a year and i thought maybe you met her? Her name is Christa Eaton.

  7. RYC  There is a 4 inch space on each side of the picture, but the picture itself is cut off in the middle of Piper.  When I enlarge the picture, it is nicely centered, including all of Piper.  Must be something wrong with my site.

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