Life Goes On – Saturday July 21, 2007

It’s been a month since we’ve returned from Liberia. So what have I been doing since then? Well, I’m not sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring (as one gentleman told me this morning that he was doing).

  • I moved to Ben and Clarita’s house for the summer. They’re in PA and expecting an addition to their family just anytime. Lois moved down from PA and I am so happy to have her home again!!!!
  • My parents had their 50th anniversary so Lois and I took them down to the coast for supper and a relaxing time by the pier on St. Simons. We don’t have a celebration planned yet for them. Daddy is still dealing with blood pressure problems with getting it stablized. I guess people respond to medication differently. His b.p. has been all over the charts. He discontinued the one and isn’t quite as sleepy as he was at one point but still deals with that plus a hoarse voice. Pray for him if you think about it.
  • Committee meetings several nights for youth stuff and VBS
  • Lancaster Children’s Choir was here for a program. Such energy!
  • The evening of Independence Day was spent down in Brunswick and Jekyll Island. We had uncharacteristcally cool weather that day. Just beautiful down on the beach!!!
  • Six nights of VBS  — a really good experience. It was great to see everyone pulling together. The largest number of kids we had was 60, which pretty maxed out the facilities we had. To go any bigger would mean tents. The gnats and mosquitoes make that not seem as attractive as the cool indoors.
  • Trying to make decisions about housing – rent, buy or build??? It definitely keeps life interesting and it sure doesn’t hurt to dream!
  • Company for lunch last Sunday and then again in the evening the youth came over after a change of plans.
  • I finally went digital!! Yeah, finally I broke down and bit the bullet!! The camera of my dreams! It’s so much fun playing around with it. I took some of Ginny’s kids today. Gotta finish those postcards now.

Pictures of VBS

4 thoughts on “Life Goes On – Saturday July 21, 2007

  1. I hope it’s not the sinful kind but I’m really jealous of the new camera.  I mean it’s not coveting … I don’t want yours.  I just want one kind of like it.

  2. Oh, you finally found your camera. Too bad you didn’t find a …… too. That VBS looks like a blast. Would have loved to be there. Oh, I am just dying to come down there again. MAYBE soon…

  3. Congrats on the new camera! I’d say you deserve it, as much as you like to take pictures. Cute pics of VBS, but I would have to admit to being partial to the one of my adorable little neice!! 🙂

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