Nostalgia – Monday April 12, 2010

Recently my SIL got some 8mm tapes converted to DVD for us and it has been fun seeing some footage from my last year in Northern Ontario. Anything from seeing the last ice of the winter melting, to watching my then first-graders Jonathan and Janelle doing school things to summer camp and PWTC training week to jug-a-lug games to Ruth and Leon’s wedding rehearsal in Ohio to single staff campout at Williams Bay.

And then there was the day us singles from camp took one last day off to go fishing at Cook Lake before summer activities and I kid you not, we caught nothing but a few branches. Fortunately we had hamburger along so all was not lost.

I was again reminded how watching the Cessna 206 land on water it was possible to know whether it was Clair or Dennis flying by how it taxied.

We had a most memorable trip to Ruth and Leon’s wedding in Ohio traveling in a 15-passenger van with 8 adults and 4 children under 6. Oh, and we were pulling a trailer that had a heavy load of steel on the way back north. Did I mention that we drove straight through (21+ hours) on the way down? Yeah, we all felt pretty woolly by the time we got there!! Great memories!

Then there was lovely shot of us ladies aound the campfire singing Friends with Karen playing guitar and in the background was a loon just singing his heart out.

And there is no croquet quite as challenging as the version played on a very bumpy sandy beach and 1 of the wickets in the water. It ended in a water fight, with Phil and Hanes duking it out.

Listening to the various groups who sang at Family Camp.

So many campers came through camp that summer and there were a few names that came back in a flash. Funny how that works. It’s been 12 years since I left the north.

Any of this sounding familiar? Come over and watch it with me. I’ll even supply the popcorn!



Some quotes:

Hans B was washing dishes at the very wet, overcast campout.

Me: So what do you think of that?
Hans: I don’t think, I just feel.


Hanes cleaning the walleye that I’m very certain I caught. After we had been arguing about it for a while and he was cleaning it:

Hanes: This is the fish that I caught.
Karen: No, it’s fish!!


Acting out Bible stories for singles campout church service:

Me: I can see, I can see!!
The “village people”: How?
Me: “Jesus” put sand on my eyes and told me to go wash them in Williams Bay.


4 thoughts on “Nostalgia – Monday April 12, 2010

  1. Girl…don’t DO this to me!!

    Ummmm, did you  see Ilva anywhere in there? I’m going to feel just right down hurt if you don’t.

  2. I just told Loren about your new dvds…he said we should just make a visit to your place just to see it (and for the popcorn of course).=)  I wish I had more video of when I was up north!       


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