Monday April 12, 2010

One of the things I kept thinking this past winter when everything was so blah looking outside was that I was sure to find things to photograph again when spring came. Sure enough! Color came bursting forth and my camera became my sidekick again.

Now my flowers for the tipsy pot thing are desperately waiting to be planted and I need to get some welding done before I can do that.

Anyway, I raided Raymond and Edna’s yard again like I like to do every spring. Here are a few flowers from their vast supply.


spring 2010 24

spring 2010 18

spring 2010 25


spring 2010 26

I’m so thrilled to have 2 pink dogwoods to plant in our yard. I was in SC with Ginny this past weekend and they have so many pink dogwoods there and I didn’t stop to take any pics. I did find trees at the Jockey Lot (2 for $25).


spring 2010 17

In my planters:

spring 2010 23

spring 2010 22  

Waiting for planters:


spring 2010 19

spring 2010 20

Balloon Flowers:

spring 2010 21

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