Drama in the Poppy Field – Saturday April 17, 2010

I really want a big field with a hill full of red poppies cascading down. Not that poppies typically cascade or anything. The only place I know of anywhere close to here is along the interstate near the overpasses.

And I’m not going there. I could just see a big car pileup happening.

Why couldn’t this field have poppies in it

day 3 d

instead of this flame weed stuff. 

Yeah, I know, then they couldn’t make hay in it like they do when this stuff dies off.

There is some story from my childhood that niggles in the back of my mind. I don’t remember the story or the moral. It seems like it had something to do with someone (probably a child) planting lots of poppies somewhere where they supposed to and this big crop of poppies took over the place. They couldn’t get rid of them no matter how much they wanted to. I think it was sort of a Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out stories.

Anyway, poppies always seemed a little Evil and something you definitely didn’t want to plant on purpose for fear of them being forever a pestilence.

I was at Lowes the other day and I saw a potted poppies and thought “what doth hinder me?” Apparantly nothing did.

Poppies 1.jpg

It said Mixed Colors but I was kind of hoping for mostly red.

Poppy 2.jpg

Poppies 2.jpg

Yesterday morning I watered them and there was 1 red bloom and 2 “pods”. By the time I got home, a white one had started blooming.

Poppies 3.jpg

I wonder what color the next one will be.

And here’s my poppy field.

Poppies 4.jpg

Really big, isn’t it! I might GPS just to find my way back home!

So if you know of any big poppy field near you, give me a holler. I need an excuse for a road trip. Not really but in case there’s one close to my travels that would be splenderific.

While I was at Lowes I spotted a few more Gerber daisies and since I only have 4 plants I was sure I needed more. Then I thought, “how many Gerbers does a person need?” and I knew that would be exactly 0. So I settled for getting only 2 more.

gerbers 3.jpg

These tinged ones are my favorite out of all that I have so far. The colored tips are so pretty!

gerbers 1.jpg


gerbers 2.jpg

Gerbers 4.jpg

And its a shame because all the plants I got 3 weeks ago still have not been transplanted. Yeah, I know! I really do have it on my list of things to do in 2010! I’m working on a tipsy pot thing (idea from my friend Velma) and if doesn’t tipsy over I might share with you some pictures later.

These Gerbers crack me up. They look like Dr. Suess characters. I call them Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Gerbers 6

And there’s a pre-adolescent Thing 3 peeking out at the bottom. Hope I don’t run out of numbers.

Gerbers 7.jpg  

And now I must make my corn casserole and go to bed. It’s kind of a marathon weekend with activities this weekend. Pre-communion services Thursday, school fundraiser (pancake breakfast, yard sale, bake sale, auction) this morning, 50th anniversary celebration for long-time friends, Taste of Home cooking school tonight, communion tomorrow AM and potluck dinner tomorrow.

Adios and good night!


9 thoughts on “Drama in the Poppy Field – Saturday April 17, 2010

  1. Beautiful pictures! I had to smile at the poppy drama. My grandpa planted them years ago on our place. We almost lost most of them because we re-landscaped but a little patch still grows and we try to keep them going. They are the common orange kind. Let me see they would be 70 years growing? I think mom was 5 when they moved from New York to Indiana and she’s going to be 80 this year.

  2. I love poppies too, and have tried to grow some from seed but they wouldn’t cooperate or propogate, or whatever.  Since when did Gerbera daisies start being Gerber daisies (sounds like a Gerber baby to me)???  Or are they 2 different things?  And one more thing, I have a chance to go to a Taste of Home cooking school around here soon…would you recommend it?  Please rate it on a scale of 0-10 for me, please.

  3. @Iamsaved4ever – I think somewhere along the line Gerber became one use of it’s common name. http://landscaping.about.com/od/holidayplants1/p/gerbera_daisy.htm 

    As for the cooking school, for people who have an extensive experience in cooking, you probably don’t learn much. But it is a fun evening and I look at it more as a girls night out thing! You do get several magazine-type cook booklets. At ours they gave out around 100 door prizes, most given by local merchants. So I’ll rate it like this: 3-4 for learning new techniques/food facts. 8+ for fun. Amberly went with Andrea last night and won 2 door prizes!

  4. Thank you, MLou!  I figured the cooking school was partly for fun…went to one years ago, just not by ToH.  And I should have had some smiley faces along with my question about Gerbera daisies…that sounded kind of snotty!  You’re so nice, I’m sure you forgave me already.

  5. I’m glad you got a pot of poppies, but I hope you find a field, also.  I love poppies.  My Grandpa, Francis, used to raise poppies out in Montana for the seed.  It was a cash crop.  Grandma used to make a delicious poppy seed cake.  I remember her dipping into her burlap bag to get out a cup of seed. 

  6. @Iamsaved4ever – lol. For a brief moment I thought I was the only one not saying it correctly! πŸ™‚ You know how we are with spelling (and pronouncing) words correctly!!! (and no, I didn’t think it sounded snotty! I have allergies right now. I can tell you what snotty sounds like!) πŸ™‚

  7. Poppy drama, huh? I love poppies. My mom always grew them  at home and they seem like such happy flowers! So do gerbera daisies. Those tinted whites are sooo pretty! And thing #1 and thing #2 made me laugh. πŸ™‚

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