Art in Pennsylvania – Friday April 23, 2010

So, if any of you Pennsylvania (or other) folk go to the Gospel Express auction tomorrow, you can see 2 of my canvasses up close and personal. And you may even bid on them if you want.  I’m generous that way.

A 24×36 of this:

canvas 1


and a 16×20 of this:

canvas 2

And they are much more brilliant in print than they show here (or at least on my screen). So if you decorate in pastels these may not be for you.

You know, seeing my art on display gives me a funny feeling. Kind of like you parents when your child performs. What if people don’t like what they see? What if “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” in this case means my vision is off?

Okay, I’m not that paranoid about it, really! And I have a 24×36 of that first one to put somewhere in my house. And as you know, we did not decorate in pastels.

6 thoughts on “Art in Pennsylvania – Friday April 23, 2010

  1. Lovely lovely! If your idea of beauty is way off, i guess mine must be too because I definitely do consider those photos to be quite nice, as our friends in Australia say.:) Btw, it’s about time we see y’all again! Maybe after Lois comes back we’ll have to come down and visit y’all again. You know you’re always welcome up here as well.

  2. I love them! The second one especially. I’m remembering that 8X10 picture that I won from you one day long ago. One of these days I’ll call you up and order it for my new house. šŸ™‚ Did you hear how your pictures did at the auction? Would have been fun to be there!

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