Thursday April 29, 2010

It’s a girl!!!

spring 10 - 7.jpg

Well, it was pink, anyway. The silly thing was so big and the stem so long that it spent most of it’s life on the ground. Gotta love my poppy field.

Closeup (does this not seriously remind you of a 5 oclock shadow??):

spring 10 - 8.jpg

And Thing 2 with a tiny visitor:

spring 10 - 1.jpg

And our lemon tree survived the cold winter. Some blooms to show for it! Come by in November and hopefully we’ll have some fresh squeezed, homegrown lemonade for you!!

spring 10 - 6.jpg

It’s been fun gardening this year, especially since it seems to be going better than last year. I gave them some plant food and then we had a good rain and they really greened up quickly.

spring 10 - 5.jpg

If you ever make a raised garden, don’t do it quite like we did. This would be better if it were 3 separate beds tha you can walk between. That way you can just reach in to work on it. The tiny bed in the far left is our new asparagus garden. The little shoots sprouted and grew so quickly that you could almost watch them. Several inches in a day. I believe we are supposed to wait a year or two before we’ll harvest anything from them.

The yard has been weeded and feeded or is it wed and fed? English is a strange language. And the lawn has a few stripes, thanks to yours truly. I simply cannot seem to get it spreaded as evenly as I should. I’m not sure if I’m overlapping too much or not enough. It’s not very bad just enough to see what’s going on!

And the kohl is rabi-ing.

spring 10 - 4.jpg

Love how water beads on the leaves.

spring 10 - 3.jpg

And we have plenty of kale if you want some for garnishing or eating.

spring 10 - 2.jpg   

And now I’m really trying to decide if I want to plant a certain vegetable. One word that describe it is



Know what it is?


7 thoughts on “Thursday April 29, 2010

  1. Could it be Okra? I’d love to have some Kale. We usually plant ours in the fall so it will be awhile until we get some. You have a really cute garden. Oh yes, I have the ham to go along with the kale.Sunday lunch?

  2. What veggie is moist and sticky?  No, I don’t know and I’m curious!  (If it’s okra, no wonder I don’t know…love the stuff but it’s hard to grow up here.)  Cute garden you got goin’ there.  I think you’re not supposed to harvest the asparagus until at least the third year…though things could be different in the south due to you having a longer growing season.  We wish we would have made our asparagus bed bigger.  My seeds aren’t even in the ground yet so that kohlrabi looks really delectable!

  3. I haven’t read any of the comments on purpose, but would that be okra?

    Okay, now I read them, and I was correct. I like okra, especially fried, but also in soup.

    I wanted to tell you that I used your recipe to make croutons for our secret sisters dinner, and had several requests for the recipe. They were delicious. Thanks.

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