Flower Power – Monday April 5, 2010

I bought some flowers to use on the tables for Sunday Easter Brunch. I decided to have some fun with them and well, I did stay up real late on Friday night doing some editing. The wisteria just started blooming recently and is so fragrant. Too bad it is also so pesky.

We had a sunrise service at a nearby lake and it was beautiful outside, watching the mist on the lake and the sun occasionally peaking through the fog. The mosquitoes were out in full force but thankfully they must’ve been about ready to head to bed as they didn’t bother us much.

We had a lovely service of special singing, a short message by Joel, sharing time and more special singing and then we headed to our dining hall for a breakfast of pancakes, breakfast casserole, fruit slush and cut fruit, and pastries.

I had a vicious sore throat which Advil helped to keep manageable until I could finish my food committee duties and the go home and collapse into bed. Slept 4 hours, I did, but I still managed to come down with a full-blown flu.

Anyway, I was pretty tickled with these and after my Gerber daisies mature, I can try some with different colors. The flowers were actually orange but they look more like red here.



Pansies 2

pansies 3

tulips 3


wysteria 2

Have a great day!

4 thoughts on “Flower Power – Monday April 5, 2010

  1. Beautiful beautiful! My favorite is still the Gerber Daisy, but the tulips are pretty too. Sorry about the flu. Hope you get better really soon. 

  2. Loving these pictures! And I did notice the beautiful arrangements on the tables on Easter morning! That added such a lovely touch! Thanks for doing that for us! 🙂

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