Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All – Friday November 16, 2007

‘something else bizarre pops up on your radar screen. Every once-in-occasionally
I do a search for amish and mennonite on ebay, just to see what’s for sale. Where
once was lots of “amish-made” furniture there are now also quite a few auctions
for cape dresses and prayer caps. Not to mention cookbooks and quilts. The other
day I found an auction for prayer caps and included was a picture of 3 mennonite
girls. It looked like a tourist snapshot and I was going to put a link here for
you to see it. I wonder if they had any idea they were on ebay? Ach my, the auction
is ended and I forgot save the link.

Several years ago my SIL did a search for mennonites and found an auction for a
log cabin to be built at Lake Grace, described as “in a mennonite farming community”
and had my co-worker’s place pictured. Hello. Only a few of the mennonites here
have farmed, and it’s been quite a number of years since those few have been farming.

We were in getting the paint for the house mixed and noticed packets of concentrated
air freshener to add to the paint. It boasted of giving off scent for up to 6 months.
If a person gets tired of the scent before the 6 months are up, does that mean they
would have to paint over it? No thanks!

We are getting ready to make one last move home. We’ve been house-sitting for the
last 6 weeks and it’s been great, but we’re really, really ready for our own house.
We are currently taking care of a dog that has to be the oddest attention-seeking
dog I have ever seen. She is a golden retriever and does she ever retrieve things!
I’ve never before seen a dog empty a water bucket and move it halfway across the
yard. Well, I didn’t actually see it happen, just witnessed the evidence. If there
are any shoes within reach in the garage she will take them out and set them just
a few yards outside. The other day I was packing for the campout, and had near my
car an ice chest with 3 large cans of cream soups and a 1 lb. box of butter. I left
to get some more things and when I came back to finish packing the ice chest, I
couldn’t find the butter. I checked the refrigerators again and couldn’t find it.
I then had the brilliant idea to check the yard and sure enough, there was my box
of butter with a few teeth marks and lots of sand on it. Is there any doubt to why
I am a cat lover instead?!?

Now if only they could invent a machine to wash, dry and iron the clothes, I’d buy

Yours ’til spaghetti doesn’t double in volume.


Some pics from the archives:

Picture 001

Picture 021

Picture 022


And Christy, some pics taken with my new cheap thrifty lens. Just like you, anything within sight is a possible subject.  Low lighting room but no flash, no editing except for border.



5 thoughts on “Just When You Think You’ve Seen It All – Friday November 16, 2007

  1. I enjoyed your post–pix & Amish/Mennonites, especially How’s this for unusual? I have a Japanese penpal, Shuji, in Yokohama, who wrote several years ago about a trip he and his BIL took to Kamakura, a city of Shinto shrines and many restaurants. “We see sign ‘Amish Restaurant.’ We eat there.”

    He went on to say the Japarese waitress tried to tell them about the Amish. I expect Shuji knew more than she. The menu included mashed potatoes, corn, salad, and blueberry pie–Holmes County transported half-way around the planet!


  2.   Why was the lens cheap???  It must be good in some respect.  I like the pictures.  What is the apperature?

    Hmm, I have some cape dresses I’d like to get rid of.  Maybe I’ll have to try ebay.

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