Church Campout – Monday November 12, 2007

If a person was bored, it had to be a personal problem! The weekend was full of fun and leisure. Other components of the weekend included:

Laughter         Blitz             Candy               Volleyball Tournament

Rook Tournament                Great Food             Apples to Apples

Feasting Together          Great Singing             Kids Games

Tag Football           Campfire Talks              Cold Nights and Beautiful Days

Warm Fellowship            Relaxation                Discussions


The campground was a new one for us and there were a few things that could’ve been better about the facilities, but the good definitely outweighed the inconveniences.

I think the thing I like best about such a weekend is that you get to know each other in a way that regular church interaction doesn’t usually give. It makes you more of a family, spending 2+ days together. You have time to care for each other. You usually put aside differences at a time like this, because how can you truly care for a person, and yet refuse to get along with them?

I was intrigued by a comment Craig (new Choice Books employee) made on Sunday morning: Times like this make the house of God a friendlier place.


11 thoughts on “Church Campout – Monday November 12, 2007

  1. Those pictures look like so much fun!!!  I wish our church would do a campout.   It’s one of those things some people talk about doing….but no one ever takes it further.

  2. Aww…looks like so much fun.  Can’t believe I missed it!  Ok…very ready to hear about the pop-up camper story!!  I’m all ears.  So jealous of Monday nights that I try very hard not to think about it!  Have a wonderful week!  i miss you

  3. OK. You can laugh all you want but how is it possible that I don’t know half of these people on these pictures?And is it also possible that Charity no longer has” the poof” (per pic 24 of 40)I think that its her but can’t be sure since there are other new faces on there!  Love reading your site. Very Marilou-ish. Are you going to be home next week? WQould love to see your house. 

  4. ryc:  I’d love to have you here helping me, too–wish we could be there next week to help you paint, too–sorry it’s not working out for us to come!  As for the puppies, we got $125 each last time, but had so many calls, I think we’ll go higher this time.  One lady wanted one so bad, she said she would’ve given us $200! (They were all gone then already)

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