Crushed – Saturday November 17, 2007

You know how the advertisement at the top of the site (for those of who haven’t gone premium even after 747 – that’s a big number – days of xanga) has something to do with the content of your posts? Well, mine is talking about my crushes. I have 2 crushes and someone has a crush on me. What is up with that? Since when have I been talking about crushes???

Ahhhh….maybe they think my house is kind of like a Budget ad that we keep joking about. Seeking single  Mennonite lady. Must have horse house. Please send picture of house.

Speaking of the house, we manage to slap 5+ gallons paint inside today. Much more to get slapped up next week. Here is the outside:

finished exterior

14 thoughts on “Crushed – Saturday November 17, 2007

  1. OOOH (squeals) it’s getting cuter all the time!  I love that color green.  Not traditional but not trendy either.  And as for the crushes, apparently there are people hitting on me too.  So flattering(dripping sarcasm).

  2. RYC.. it is donation and in my book it wasn’t worth the hard work 🙂 we only averaged $7 a plate and that was before expenses were taken out… meaning we busted our ***** for little $$$. But oh well, since I resigned I won’t have to do it again. he he he   Nice house and looks exciting. I am also getting hit on with crushes, so either I am not acting married or since they see no ring they think it is fair game!

  3. Wow…your house is coming along quite nicely!! I will definitely stop by to see it sometime this next weekend! I enjoyed the pix of your church camping…..there were quite a few people that I didn’t recognize! Seems so strange…I used to know everyone! It’s wonderful that your church has been growing, though! See ya this weekend.

  4. I love your house!

    And the photo details.  Sigh.  Sometimes I don’t ever think I will figure out what settings to use at the right moment.  If we ever get together, be prepared to have a tutorial session with me.

  5. It’s looking really nice!  What colors are you painting the inside?  That looks like a lot of windows to clean….which reminds me that mine need it really bad right now!  That front room should get lots of sunlight–I like that! 

  6. Pretty place…. I looked at all the HUGE windows and just remembered again my Ga. sis in laws fussing about northern houses with small windows.  And now I’m right with them… windows really are beautiful and it’s what makes a house.  I too like your color selections.  Can’ wait to see some inside pictures.  Can’t wait to see my pictures.  Hopefully here in a couple hrs.   Thanks again.

  7. I like the happy red in your new profile picture.

    And when I read the comment above, I remembered that I had been planning to tell you how much I love the many large windows.

  8. RYC: “white trim”, I agree with you. White looks cleaner. I thought stained was from the 70s and 80s but maybe its also geographical. I do have relatives in Ohio who built a new home about 10 years ago, they too have stained wood. I recently chained all of my trim from stained to white … but my house is from 1984.

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