Damask Two – Monday November 30, 2009

Still playing when I need to whittle on my list. Rachel, here are 2 I threw together tonight.

Christmas 1

Christmas Card 4

There are so many cool ways to use damask!! Christy, I hadn’t thought of selling them.  I should send you a “pattern”. That way you can adjust the size and angle if you want.


12 thoughts on “Damask Two – Monday November 30, 2009

  1. Marylou – the photographer that took our pictures was telling me that there are websites where you can sell this stuff and she gave me one address -it’s here somewhere and when I find it, I’ll pass it on to you – wait, here it is… http://www.graphicauthority.com . She said she was going to get some more addresses for me, but I have not heard from her yet. She thought I should sell some designs, but I don’t have time right now, maybe someday?! 🙂 I didn’t realize you have photoshop…I thought you were sold on Corel? 

  2. @livingwater4me – I still use Corel. If I use the word “photoshop” it’s only a general term. Because no one would understand if I said I “Coreled” or “Paint Sho Pro’d” a pic. 🙂 As for having time to do them, if we’d be smart, we’d find a long winter night after the holidays and design a bunch them. If you’re like us, though, there are very few long winter nights with little to do. 🙂

    @smilesbymiles – Tell me what you need. 🙂 Maybe I can come up with something since I have a hard time leaving it alone right now.

  3. @justcallmeM – I like your names btw. 🙂 What do you like about Corel? I’ve never used it or seen it in action. I have the full version of photoshop now, albeit an older version, and absolutely love it, but then I’ve never used anything else…

  4. @livingwater4me – I like Corel because I’m used to it. 🙂 I’ve used it for 6 years or more. Kind of like WordPerfect vs. MS Word. I’m used to the WP so Word frustrates me greatly. PSP is similar to Elements so if you have the full Photoshop I’m sure you can do many things that I can’t!!

  5. Mary Lou, I’ll trade you a card PSD for damask pattern.  Not sure that’s fair, though. 🙂  Oh, and maybe it wouldn’t even be compatible w/ your program. 

    @livingwater4me – Carolyn, what do you like about the full version vs. Elements?  I’m ready to upgrade, so I can do presets/actions to speed up my time consuming pp.  I can’t decide if Lightroom or PS would be better for me.  I’ve never worked with Lightroom and only had the sample of CS3 before I bought Elements, so I hardly knew what I was doing.  So undecided and I don’t want to put out a lot of cash until I know.  Argh, I wish someone would know what I should do.

  6. @twofus_1 – Christy, I don’t know anything about Lightroom, except a few people I know use it – Hans Mast is one. I like the full version – I have CS2, got it for a steal (I think $250) when CS3 was about to be released- because you can so easily do actions and there are some really nifty free ones out there, some even come with an undo button and with one click you can undo everything you just did. Not sure if all that made sense. Right now, I’m not even sure why all I like it better – but I know I accidently opened Elements the other day and wasn’t sure where to start and quickly switched. I have not used Elements in a while so I’m afraid I’m not much help. Oh, I think editing photos is easier in the full version, but then again I’ve learned more about that since I have it – so it might be possible to do some of those things in Elements. Oh.my.word. I sound really confusing and I am really tired and so I will close my trap. 😉 G’night.

  7. @twofus_1 – @livingwater4me – Maybe it’s one of those deals that you can learn to do the same things in all the programs. It’s what you learn and get used to that will be the fastest and best for you. Surely, though a $$$ program should have many more options than a $$? I paid less than $50 for my last upgrade to PSP X2. But I don’t do a great lot of photo editing.

  8. @justcallmeM – I know Marylou – I was amazed at the paper you designed. That was the main reason I upgraded, but in hindsight I think I paid a lot for the ability to do things easier and quicker. I could have done most of it in Elements had I just spent the time to figure out the steps. I guess it depends if you want to do stuff quickly or cheaply…

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