Rest – Tuesday December 1, 2009

So the weekend was nearly over and the weather was getting more gorgeous by the day, meaning bright sunny days. The previous weekend we actually had about 4 overcast days. In a row. Yeah, we’re not used to that. Spoiled is what were are. In the winter, anyway. Spoiled is what you northerners are in the summer. While we broil in our shells.

So we just go to the beach to make up for it. Our Sunday afternoon/evening was completely open so we went to Jekyll Is. Lovely except for a few sand gnats determined to eat supper. Oh, and by the way, that’s Jekyll Island, not Jekyl is. I have a good friend who was going to Edisto Is. with some friends and she kept wondering what was up with the Edisto Is. signs. She said, “Edisto is what?”

For you locals, in case you wonder where these were taken, we were on the north pier at dusk. Dusk lighting is the best. St. Simons Is. in the distance:

jekyll 11-28f

jekyll 11-28g

A grackle doing aerobics:

jekyll 11-28h

jekyll 11-28i

jekyll 11-28j

jekyll 11-28k

jekyll 11-28l

jekyll 11-28m

Another grackle is speechless:

jekyll 11-28n

jekyll 11-28p

Telephoto shot:

jekyll 11-28o

Wide angle shot:

jekyll 11-28q

jekyll 11-28r

A cropped shot:           

jekyll 11-28t

Trawlers on their way back home:

jekyll 11-28s

jekyll 11-28w

jekyll 11-28u.jpg

jekyll 11-28x

And so they returned home that evening, so rested that they had to drag themselves in the house, and drop onto the couch in a puddle of  …


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  1. Wow, you have some amaaaaaazing pictures! Love the first one, and then some of the last ones with the boat. The lighting is so beautiful! And I could actually view them today!?!

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