Friday November 27, 2009

 It is lovely having a few days off of work!!! Had a good Thanksgiving with some of my immediate and extended family. The only thing I don’t like about vacation is how fast the days go. Faster than a speeding bullet …. sludging through peanut butter.

The other evening I learned a new photoshop trick: how to make a damask pattern. And all night long I was designing them in my sleep, only I could never actually get anything finished. In case there is anyone out there who doesn’t know what damask is, it is an offset repeated decorative pattern. Learning this will be handy for cardmaking. Once I come up with some actually good patterns, that is.

Here is one I made that I affectionately call:

swirl 1.jpg

And antoher one I threw together called:

damask 2.jpg


Damask 2b.jpg

wherein the pattern looks like it’s embossed. So many options, so little time. Right now I have a dozen things I need to be doing including but not limited to: packaging the rest of the fried hamburger for the freezer, folding and putting away laundry that’s been in the basket for 2 days, trying out the new dvd/vcr player, making enchilada soup for supper, editint the J Overholt family pictures, going for a walk, working some more on the church calendar. Well, you get the picture!

Damask 2b 2.jpg

Don’t you love my creative names?? It’s good I don’t have kids cause they’d end up with names like Junior 1, Junior 2, Junior 2b or something like that.

Here is a snowflake one I put together:

Damask snowflake.jpg

Oh, yeah, you can angle the pattern at any degree.

Damask snowflake2.jpg

Change the effects and colors.

Damask snowflake3.jpg

Damask snowflake4.jpg

And that’s just the beginning. In the mean time, I’ve things to do. Hope you’re weekend is fun (and going slower than mine.)


6 thoughts on “Friday November 27, 2009

  1. Looks like fun, I’ll have to figure out how to do that. I imagine if it really came down to it you could think of a few options beyond junior2b for kids names, too funny.

  2. All I know about  “damask” is I have a table cloth with such a name –the only big one I had when we got married and it is still nice–tho’ lots and lots of people have dropped food on it while eating at my table. -It must have been considered the best back then–but needs ironing!!!

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