A Tale of Thanksgiving – Tuesday December 2, 2008

 And behold, the holiday arrived that allowed a certain maiden to have rest from her office labors for a few days. And this break was greeted with much joy. The day before this blessed break the maiden was loathe to enter the local establishment where food and necessities are sold; for lo, it was a madhouse of desperate purchasers, intending to have turkey and green bean casserole for the holiday. As such the french fried onions were sold out in brands national and generic, to the great consternation of five shoppers therein. For in the southeast green bean casserole is as necessary as macaroni and cheese.

The maiden was happy to have only spent 15 minutes picking up items from the photo center and 1 tin of bread crumbs, and gladly left behind the masses for the quietness of her house. But the evening at home was gladly given up for an evening at a friendly neighbor’s house, eating pizza and playing golf, amid much chatter and harassment. And indeed they did play and play and play. Even past the midnight hour, even unto 1:30 the next morning. For they were too tired to stop. And the maiden still had to make a frozen pumpkin dessert, making it at an ungodly hour, so the dessert would be frozen my the noontime the next day.

The maiden arose the next morning at 9:00, so glad to be able to enjoy a day from the regular routine. And she did help her sister finish place cards, for there were to be two-score diners at their parent’s home for the Feast. Their two eldest brothers did travel from lands afar, even from 3 and 4 hours away. Alas, there were more added to the number than immediate family. Cousins, neighbors, a bachelor and a single mother, all having no family close at hand. And much feasting was made on ribs and grilled chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potato souffle, squash noodle casserole, butterhorns, corn chip salad, tea, pumpkin and lemon dessert. Such laughter, teasing and thanksgiving was scattered around as feasting was accomplished. But it was decided that too much food was present, and that in the future Feasts should be a little more simple. These notes are to be written in the book for future Feasts.

pic 124

After several hours of conversation, the dishes were returned to their places of rest, clean and sparkling. The men did wander outside to do manly things such as tending to the boston butts that were smoking on the grill, tossing some pigskin back and forth, and eventually a game of croquet. The ladies did play some card game on the porch, enjoying the warm outside weather and the laziness of the day.

On the next day the maiden arose with a fierce headache, with pain enough to sleep off for a few hours. The rest of the maiden’s family was laboring outside to plant over threescore and ten Leyland cypress trees around the perimeter of the maiden and her sister’s property. For such it is intended to keep the neighbors from casting eyes on all activities of a certain green house.

pic 128

pic 129

pic 132

After the maiden shook off the headache, she arose and made lunch for the laborers. And they did feast on Brunswick Stew, cornbread and bacon wrapped cream cheese peppers. Much pain was endured by the maiden, who had foolishly cut up jalapenos with her bare hands, and the ache did continue well into the afternoon. Sixteen pints of canned chicken was also put away into the cupboard, the fruits of labor of the maiden’s mother.

Opportunity arose to throw away some tar paper, after a consultation with the men in the vicinity as to it’s future usefulness. The consensus was to dispose of it. So after it was thrown mightily into the trash receptacle, the maiden did see a section where might dwell a arachnid. And it came to pass that a black widow spider was found, being large and possibly great with child. She was met with great shrieking.

pic 141

Behold, Saturday was come upon them and the brothers returned to labor some more. And they were introduced to a grilled Caesar salad for lunch and they were exceedingly impressed. Leftover food was also served to the brothers, for they are bachelors and are accustomed to things worse than leftovers. And the maiden’s father also was handy to run errands for the day, purchasing more trees, lumber and pine straw.

And the women were very pleased at all the work that was accomplished. For great was the improvement to the lawn, flower beds and garden. Gratefulness was on their tongue for the great work bestowed on them from their family.

The maiden did harken to her friend’s cry to capture still shots for posterity, as well as shots to accompany the announcement of the arrival of her friend’s baby, a male child. Thirty minutes and one hour was dedicated to the pursuit of this.

And in that eve the sisters went forth to eat supper at Chilies with other kindred folk. And long was the wait to find a table to seat eleven. Yay, even an hour-long wait. And the hostess was much pleased that the group tarried rather than seeking out another establishment. Much chips and salsa was consumed, for the servings were bottomless. Much could be said about a bottomless bowl. It was nigh unto 8:30 until supper was served, and great thankfulness went up. And a generous gentleman who was present did indeed pay for everyone’s meal. And again a great thankfulness went up, for this was a thankful bunch.

The next day, being Sunday, the maiden put forth an effort to arrive at the chapel early in the morning, about 45 minutes earlier than usual. For it was her temporary responsibility to take care of the bulletins and greet the worshipers. Indeed there were about half as many worshipers as usual, as there were many who chose to be thankful in other locations that weekend. And it was a rainy, rainy day. A day which becometh a day of rest.

The maiden’s attention was drawn to the brilliant Bradford Pear foliage which had finally succumbed to the onslaught of the harsh frosts. Indeed, the wimpy southern grass had not only turned brown, it henceforth even looked to be orange at times. The maiden made an attempt to drive around the lake but much mud covered the road, and was indeed difficult to drive in; yay, even as difficult to drive in as deep snow.

pic 216

pic 209

pic 206

fall 2

fall 1

And lo, the maiden and her sister did harken to their neighbor to watch a moving picture with them. And Saving Sarah Cain was chosen. Much sniggering did take place at the attempts made to play the Amish in the pictures, for it was certain it was not filmed in LanCASTer, PA, for sure and for certain.

As the sun set in the western sky there arose a cry in the house, for the clouds were breaking away from the former 24 hours of rain. And indeed there was much brilliant light in the sky, causing the air to appear orange. And the maiden did grab her camera, and attempt to capture God’s fireworks.

pic 221

pic 226 pic 230

After an evening with friends, the maiden was henceforth ready to pursue her daily endeavors, even unto working at the office 8:00 – 4:30. For a break was a blessing and breath of fresh air.

19 thoughts on “A Tale of Thanksgiving – Tuesday December 2, 2008

  1. The maiden doth indeed and of a truth, never cease to write interesting posts for the enjoyment of her readers. Very interesting! Wish we could’ve been there too. Hey and we’re used to leftovers as well…..any Brunswick stew left?

  2. Much thanksgiving goeth up from my heart toward thee, for giving me much humor on such a miserably cold day!  I’m glad I get to hang out with this humor filled maiden tonight!

  3. The maiden’s post was a breath of fresh air, indeed.  Those last 3 photos almost look as though you had a forest fire…very beautiful (much more beautiful than a fire would be).  I will have to remember your comparison of muddy roads to snowy ones, which will help me be thankful myself, since snow is at least a heap sight prettier and cleaner than mud!  

  4. And behold, only a certain maiden couldst write such an epistle!  Hey, add a couple of deep, deep holes in the muddy road picture, and you’d have a Liberian road!  You’re right–those Amish films are always such a joke–they way they talk, etc.

  5. Ok, I had my comment all ready to leave in my best “King James version”, however, since most of your readers have already done that, I’ll not bother.  Thanks for the amusing post.

  6. “…are accustomed to things worse than leftovers.” I laughed out loud at that! Quite an entertaining epistle, ML! Very, very good! My Thanksgiving day was spent doing whatever I jolly well pleased! Have to say I loved it!

  7. What a amazing way of expressing yourself. I loved it. So glad God gave you such talent fair maiden. What fun it would be to read  books like this. I don’t like to read, but I sure enjoyed this story. Those lovely sunset pictures are fit for a king. Thanks for sharing.

  8. So I’ll have to second what Andrea wrote…..had it all ‘thunk’ up what to write but realized everyone had the same idea…….and actually I’ll also second the devotions part too!! I was thinking the same thing.  Do we get to see pics of Charitys little guy(assuming thats they new babe you were referring to)?

  9. Oh my goodness, there was much “sniggering” going on here while I was reading this!! You are a great writer, and I so enjoyed reading your life events the past little while. 😉

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