Wednesday November 26, 2008

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the Nebraska Safe Haven Law. It was passed to give options to young mothers who would just dump unwanted babies. There were others though who thought it a good option to drop off their children for various reasons, most of them in their teens. Recently the law was amended to allow only babies up to 30 days old.

It breaks my heart think of parents dropping children off because they were no longer able to handle them. I wonder how the children feel when they realizing they are being left behind.

What tears me up is when children are born with things like FAS, due to the lack of caring by the mother, but on the other hand, the mother’s life may be pretty awful because of decisions made by other people in her life.

It reminds that our decisions affect people around us much more than we are aware. Things as “small” as resentment and unforgiveness can affect generations. On the positive side, people who are forgiving and offer grace to others will affect many people.

So this Thanksgiving I’m thankful for parents who lead a disciplined life and took the time to love me as well as teach me that life is not about me. For family and friends who love me despite my flaws, offering me grace when I don’t deserve it.

I could be that young girl abandoned at a hospital in Nebraska.






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2 thoughts on “Wednesday November 26, 2008

  1. Wow, those pictures could almost look like snow. Almost! 🙂

    Your post is such a good reminder… I’ve often wondered why I’ve been blessed so much the family I’m in, the place I live, all that, when other people have it so hard… I heard something at Bible School one time that has always stuck with me, and it’s the idea that if God has blessed someone (in whatever area it may be), that person is blessed so he can be a blessing to others in return. May we, who have been given so much, be that blessing to others – generously!

    Happy thanksgiving!

  2. There are so many who are relinquished, but sometimes out of desperation, as in Natasha’s case.  But I don’t understand being able to abandon a child in this country without some good counseling first.  IMO there would be better ways to handle things.  Indeed we should be so thankful for what we have in solid families.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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