Friends – Tuesday December 9, 2008

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Betcha’ can’t guess where I was Saturday. Five guesses and the first four don’t count.

pic 032

Okay, you’re getting warmer.

pic 036


pic 071b

Borderline hot.

pic 189

AHHHHH! How did you guess???

Beats me.


Yup. We have some friends visiting from the chilly north and since we live in the sunny south an afternoon at the beach was in order. Well, actually it wasn’t overly warm but it was pretty comfortable once the sun came out. It was almost perfectly windstill which doesn’t happen very often at the beach. We had a small snack near the pier since we had eaten a delicious pancake breakfast at Marcus and Sonya’s home that morning. Since the tide was still pretty high we went over to Jekyll to find some actual sand. On the way down there we had stopped at a bread store and if they any real good specials. When they found out it was to feed to the gulls they just gave us two loaves.

The girls had fun feeding the birds and as usual it brought them out of the woodwork. Amazing the way the message gets around.

pic 051b

pic 081b

pic 019b

pic 114b

And we met this little man for the first time. Such a sweetie he is!

pic 149b


One parting shot for you:

pic 108b



9 thoughts on “Friends – Tuesday December 9, 2008

  1. Lol!  I recognize that bird’s stance!  It reminds me of the ad I see sometimes with the cat sitting there with crossed legs, trying to “hold it”.  It would be even funnier if it wouldn’t be so true for some folks!

  2. Even though quite a few people commented on the last picture, I feel the need to add my two cents. It’s very seldom, while I’m by myself, that I shake with cackling laughter, but I sure did on that one! Thanks for the laugh!!  

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