Wednesday March 18, 2009

Just a few spring pictures to share with you. For some reason, many of the dogwood blooms look rough and I haven’t had time to look for nice ones.

But, I asked Raymonds if I could shoot some flowers in their backyard and they gave me the go ahead. They also have a bird feeder that stays occupied.

spring 01

spring 02


A “painted” version:

spring 03



spring 4


And the ever present azaleas:

spring 5

spring 6


Christy, this is for you and anyone else interested in the Canon 85mm 1.2L lens.  (I’m renting it for a week.) It is a heavy lens (3.2 lbs). The weight alone is formiddable. So extremely different from the [edited to add] 50mm 1.8.

I got it today and had a few minutes over lunch to shoot a few outside. Since I have no victims in range these sample shots do not include humans. When you have the thing wide open at 1.2 you have to be very deliberate about your focus target.

Amazing bokeh, though.

lens 85

lens 85b

lens 85c

lens 85g

lens 85e

In my kitchen, no lights except the overhead flourescent.

lens 85d

In the living room, just some window light.

lens 85f

Now I shall go lift weights to prepare myself for handling this thing on Saturday.



11 thoughts on “Wednesday March 18, 2009

  1.  I almost shake in my boots when i even so much as THINK about coming on your site and reading without commenting – for fear you might mention me on xanga as one of “those who read peoples blogs with out responding”. Oh well, i still love you and it’s not even between the months of May-September 🙂  See ya in 2 days!!

  2. @weswife – ha ha! really LOL! 🙂 I know where you were. And don’t worry… I got your number! See ya!

    @joysofphotography – Thanks! 🙂 I use Paint Shop Pro XI. Got the X2 version on order. You can download a full version 30-day trial at

    @songsofdeliverance – I’ve been interested in photography since I was a teen. I’ve had an SLR for the last 15 years but only went digital 1.5 years ago. I did take a 1-day seminar from a pro photog and then a “basics” photography class at a tech school. Other than that it was trial and error. There is a photography forum that I’ve learned a lot from as well.

  3. That is a SWEET lens!  I bet you’ll buy it by the time the week ends and you have to give it back.  Unless, of course, your muscles are so sore you want to smash it into the counter.

  4. @smilesbymiles – The description from the rental site is that many photogs have cried waiting in line to send it back to the rental place, but to be careful not to let the tears ruin the return label. 🙂 I’m afraid the cost alone will keep this one from being in bag permanently.

  5. dan and i were walking the “loop” tuesday nite and were gonna stop in and tell you to come over for strawberry shortcake…but you weren’t home..too bad! 🙂

  6. Beautiful pictures, once again.  I love how that lens you’re using focuses in on the main subject and blurs out everything in the background.  Esp. love the daffodil picture!

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