More Spring – Wednesday March 25, 2009

The weather is abso-stinkin-lutely (to quote my friend Crysta) gorgeous right now. The azaleas and dogwoods and wysteria are at their peak. And I have to send back the rental lens today so I went out yesterday to catch a little more spring with it. I’m sure Sonya was wondering what I was doing when I passed her twice in about 5 minutes. Last evening after work I headed out and found a dogwood tree with the Perfect blooms on it near Ken & Carmel’s house. And then I stopped in to say “howdy” and ended up taking some squash plants off of her hands. So I ran some over to my parents. And then dropped off some extras at Eric & Linda’s house and chatted with Eric and Micah for a bit. Then stopped by the church to sign up for bake sale items. Then on home at 7:45. Not bad for someone who had intended to be home all evening. 

spring 10

spring 11

spring 12
This place in town has a yard that is about half a city block. They always have the most lovely yard in the spring.

spring 13

spring 14

spring 15
“Pods” on a crepe myrtle tree

spring 16
I thought I wasn’t going to get any tulip tree blooms this year (again) and then I discovered that my parents have a tree in their yard so I got them afterall!

spring 17
Love the new green growth that is visible all around. I was amazed at how much greener it is here than in SC last weekend. There was almost a line somewhere around Wrens, GA where the growth difference was apparent.

spring 18
Pretty little weeds near the lake

spring 19
Flowers in the swamp at the lake. Don’t worry. There probably aren’t (m)any gators here.

spring 27
My favorite dogwood shot.

spring 28
Bridal bouquet (?)

spring 29
More weeds.

spring 30


And yes, I’ve done a few of these. No more spring pics ’till I get good and going with the wedding pics. Check my portrait blog in a few days and I will have some up for you to see.

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15 thoughts on “More Spring – Wednesday March 25, 2009

  1. Ahh yes, Georgia is lovely in Spring! This is the first spring we’re seeing in 5 years or so and we have the oohs and aahs going on all the time around our house. 🙂

  2. I love all your Spring pictures. I’m still ( rather impatiently) waiting for spring to show it’s face here in PA. I know….it’s kind of early, but spring can never come too early for me!

  3. Beautiful pictures once again….what an awesome creator we have! I always enjoy seeing your pics and hearing the lastest news from south GA! i’m enjoying having your sis around here…next time you’ll have to come too. take care!

  4. We were just in Ga last week and it sure was pretty. It will come to PA soon, we are hoping. Thanks for your beautiful pictures, that one back yard is just luvly. I sure will enjoy your wedding pictures to. That’s one of past time is looking at beautiful wedding pictures.

  5.  What a feast for my eyes….. love the wisteria picture especially.  I also can’t wait to see the wedding pictures.  I so wanted to go to it but we had other plans for that weekend so seeing it in pictures will be next best.

  6. The pictures are lovely! We were pleasantly amazed to see spring abounding here after coming back from bare, mostly life-less Arkansas. We have azaleas and dogwoods blooming here too and we can’t get enough of them. Looking forward to the wedding pictures too……

  7. Im am realizing on this trip to Canada that Im going to greatly miss the spring weather there in good ol’ Georgia. The spring weather here in canada this week consisted of snow and ice and cold cold winds….:( Fun Fun..Were`planning on moving the third weekend in april so some of us young ladies should get together and go out for lunch or supper so i can see everyone before I leave..

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