Wednesday August 19, 2009

EDIT: I tried slowing the slideshow down. See if that helps.
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Having some difficulties with this slide show so I hope it shows up. There are some captions but like I said it was giving me problems so I quit.
We had a lovely weekend in SC last weekend with my dad’s family. It’s been about 6 years since we had a reunion and it’s amazing how the great-grandkids have grown in age and number since then. I have a photo of the great grands from about 16 years ago. There were 30+ kids age 5 and under. Now they are between 16 and 21 years old. Needless to say, I had an interesting time placing them (and the other 50 +/- who have been born since then). One afternoon we grouped in families so we could see who belonged to which family.
This family has a great sense of dry humor that spans the generation and includes the in-laws. I was thinking I should take notes so I could remember some of them but can’t remember many.
We spent some time remembering our grandparents, Joe & Sadie, who have been gone for a number of years. Grandpa was a man of wisdom and the only thing that seemed to get him riled was working his cattle. Grandma was lovely lady who had enough Miller blood in her to keep her conversation interesting! Many of the grandchildren grew up in the same neighborhood as them and have memories of day-to-day life. We out-of-state family have memories involving being guests at their home, as well as their home being the place where the action was when the family got together.
It was very warm so we were extra thankful for the A/C in the gym. Special thanks to those who live in that area and hosted the rest of us! We had a great time!!

8 thoughts on “Wednesday August 19, 2009

  1. It was fun to see people that I have seen for a coon’s age, besides seeing a bunch of my relatives too.  That one little boy sure has the “Mast” look.  Thanks for putting this on!

  2. Now this I find very interesting!!!!!  I just wish I could stop the slide show and look at some of the pictures longer!  It’s unbelievable how some of those family are “grown up”!!  Looks like a lot of fun!  I have warm memories of Joe & Sadie……

  3. Mary Lou–it was so fun to see pics of your fam. reunion!! it’s been ages since i’ve seen some of y’all!!! i had to sit and figure out WHO some of them were!!:) wow!! would be fun to see all of y’all again.

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