Down Time – Monday August 24, 2009

Here’s to the end (nearly) of a busy summer. It’s been a busy one and I’m anticipating a slightly slower pace soon. So… drop by and have some cappucino with me.

cappucino c  

Or iced coffee. Been drinking a lot of that recently, thanks to a delicious recipe from Jairia & Donna.

7 thoughts on “Down Time – Monday August 24, 2009

  1. @twofus_1 – Well, I’ve narrowed it down to this, after trying several different recipes: I love Coffee Mate’s Vanilla Caramel or Italian Sweet Creme best. Since it is already sweetened I mix the creamer with enough instant coffee granules to my liking. I don’t know for sure, maybe 1 – 15 oz. bottle creamer to 1/2 cup +/- coffee granules. Depends on how strong you like it. This does get a little expensive. Another option is to get plain creamer instead, and then use flavored syrups.

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