Uncovering Skeletons – Wednesday December 26, 2007

 I was tagged by two people to post 5 pictures of myself. I had not the time to get to it earlier but since I am packing and getting ready to move soon I found some doozies that I will share with you. Some of my favorites are not here – they must already be packed away.

I have very few pictures of myself before the age of 10, when we moved to Jesup. We were not allowed to have pictures prior to this.

From a family gathering one Christmas in Montezuma, when all of my dad’s family was there. I was on the edge of the picture, kind of on purpose, if I remember correctly.

Soon after our move to Jesup. If you pay me a lot of money, I’ll show you the rest of the picture (after I get permission from my sisters, that is). This picture is worth more than a thousand words, trust me!!

My first “studio” picture ever. I was around 12 years old. Lovely Kmart photos. They turn a lovely purple with age.

With my nieces Vicki and Kelly, holding Michael. Lovely glasses, I know. You don’t have to tell me.

Receiving my high school diploma. Class of ’91!

One of my senior pictures.

With two of my students. They both have xanga sites but I’ll save them the embarrasment by not linking to them.

From my years in Dryden. Had to find at least one vest/poof picture!!

Another from Dryden. My dormies had given me this bouquet to celebrate surviving a wild week of summer camps. Those tired eyes tell it all!

Big jump ahead. This was taken a few weeks ago.

I have lots of pictures. Albums and albums full but most of the time I am not in them since I’ve been shutterbuggy for a long time. If blackmailing were an honest living, I’d probably be set for life. I’ve got some doozies!!

Well, hope that provided some comic relief for you!


9 thoughts on “Uncovering Skeletons – Wednesday December 26, 2007

  1. I love love love them!  Esp the “purple” one, and the vest/poof one.  Its not too hard to tell who the students are. In fact, I think I just may have seen the little girl this morning. The little boy looks quite proud of you.  I still wanna see the other doozies sometime. When exactly are you moving?

  2. Oh, that was fun!  We must be almost the same age.  I graduated from high school in ’94.  Can’t wait to see pics of your place after you move!  (And let me guess, you can’t wait to move!)

  3. Nice! I can well remember each stage…=) BTW…I don’t know if I mentioned it at lunch the other day, but I do love your little house, it’s so inviting! Twas fun to sit and chat again…thanks for taking the time.

  4. Why oh why do your posts always succeed in making me homesick when little else does?!?! Oh Bother!!!  I guess I’ll be home soon enough…in just a few weeks actually . The kids and I are flying down for a week or two! Happy New Year to you!  Sandra

  5. Time definitely does improve some things. :)) I do love to see pictures from times past though… We’re coming back this weekend – have you a party planned for New Year’s?? 🙂

  6. I, too, remember each of those phases, Mary Lou! And you really have to let us see the rest of your sisters in that one pic. Those truly were the good ole days!! 🙂

  7. Ok….cannot stop laughing!  Your pictures are totally awesome. haha.  I love them!!  And Kenneth & Beth..oh my stars!  That’s too funny.  So cool.  I hope they’re hideously embarassed.  =)=)=)  Yes – I miss you too.  So much!  I hate not being able to call you up and “do lunch” anytime I want. =(  That makes me very sad.  Gin was telling me about you being almost ready to move into your house!  So happy for ya’ll.  Can’t wait to see it!  If all goes well I’m planning to come down for Melvin & Tonya’s wedding.  So hopefully I’ll get to hang with my Georgia “homies” =)  haha.  I miss ya’ll like crazy!  Hope you  had a wonderful Christmas!!  Love you.


  8. I realized looking at those pictures, just how much you favor your older brother John Henry, I guess you call him Henry now, I could see his mouth, nose the whole thing when he was between 8 and 10, which is when I knew him best, Especially the K-mart photo, that was John Henry with a covering Speaking of covering …

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