Progress – Saturday January 5, 2008

And still we toil on. Step by slow (so it feels) step we get closer to the moving in stage. And yet we bump it off at least one more week. Maybe next weekend.

The hardwood floor is nearly finished and as I watched Chip labor intensely to lay it I asked Lois, “So, can we take the credit for ‘laying the floor’? and she said that would be a stretch. We did help though so that counts for something. The lady at the store where we bought it said if “we” do a good enough job she will let us do hers. πŸ™‚

We are very delighted with the wood we got. I didn’t get a picture of the completed project as it was nearly midnight when we left Wed. night. I was too bleary eyed to see much.

Oh and it is COLD here. Laugh if you want but it got down into the teens last night. Keep laughing. We are on the edge of the tropical zone. And for 2 days straight the highs were in the 30s. With the sun shining full blast.

I won’t even attempt to write everything that took place since I last posted.

— Last weekend we enjoyed having two cousins move into the area and their mom and other siblings came along to help them move. Fun weekend! Took Annette’s senior pictures. This is the first ime I’ve ever lived in the same area as any first cousins. I’m excited about it!!

— Took some engagement pictures last week!!!! Congrats Ken & Carmel!

— Went to the Greyhound bus station in Atlanta to pick up Lena’s sister and aunt.

— Went to the hospital to see 2 new babies!!

— How could I forget…… I FINISHED THE 2007 CALENDARS!!! I think I’ve mentioned before that I like to procrastinate….. well, I got these done time to take them along to the NEW YEARS EVE PARTY!! (Yeah, I’m yelling. Feels kinda good.)

— Ordered a calendar using pics I’ve taken in the last year. I kind of threw them together so the layouts are not consistent from page to page. I will grit my teeth and ignore that for now. It was late so my titles are chintzy too. I’ll have to start earlier for next year. Know of anyone interested in a calendar with images from Impressions by Marylou? Here are the sheets:

cypress butterflies evening shades hibiscus joys of summer Lily muscadine minty goodness shrimp boats 2 storm warning sunset vine

Since I’m sure you’ll never get tired of seeing house pictures (ha ha) here are a few more:

Picture 282 
Mama wiping out the fridge

Picture 281  
Lois, our blind installer and all around (cordless) drill sargent. She put in all our door knobs too.

 Picture 129
Chip and Michael figuring out the first board cuts.

Picture 235
Putting down glue for the floor. Nice cheap labor we had!!!

Picture 250
New Years Eve Party

Picture 266
Joe, the master oyster roaster

Picture 272
I ate one. It barely tasted like oysters. I’m not sure it that’s good or bad.

Well, that’s all for now. Hasta la vista. (I’m not exactly sure that means. My Spanish is sketchy to say the least and some of the things I know how to say I have no idea what I’m saying. I’m just repeating what I hear my sister say. Dangerous, I know.)


Update:  It was the 2008 calendars I made for the church. Those actually had pictures of church people and that’s partly what took so long to put them together. There were other procrastinators involved.

16 thoughts on “Progress – Saturday January 5, 2008

  1. Thank  you for the very nice compliment.  I keep wishing I could come shadow you sometime!  I love your photos and it feels like I’ve barely started learning how to make it work.  I’m really hoping Chris will do the photo forum.  Maybe if you hint again! =)

  2. Erin will be way jealous of those boiled oysters. He’s been craving one of them ever since the New years Eve party of several years ago. He will not get me convinced to make them tho, however. Your house is coming together so beautifully. I can not wait to see it “for real” in several weeks. Thanks for the chat yesterday!

  3. I would be interested in a calendar (escpecially since my son is featured in it) By the way i don’t remember you asking my  permission to expose him to the outside world….. :[

     The pictures are beautiful!


  4. Would that be BLIND installer or blind INSTALLER?!   It may seem like things are taking long, but my goodness, I think your house has “come together” in a flash!  Oh, I enjoyed the “scenes from the past” on your last post! 

  5. I was gonna mention- your fridge looks almost exactly like ours! Good choice! Your calendar is beautiful too. I would be interested in one weren’t it for the fact that I only have about 5 others to display. Bummer!

  6. yes we did switch places but right now I am with them at FB and will be the next 5 wks. since I have chosen to help cook in the kitchen over winter term. I am also staying with them in their apartment which I was very pleased about. Nice house you have there and glad I found your site so I can see the progress now. πŸ™‚

  7. So so ready to come home and see you all. Uh I just realized what I wrote..I meant to write ya’ll.  Anyway…..I’m taking this crazy plane ride with 3 little ones and I think I might go insane .  Loved the calender and wold aactually like to buy one. ANyway…………See you real soon!!

  8. Your calendar is beautiful!  I really like the muscadine picture, but the silhouette (sp?) on the beach is still my fav.  If I’d have a big nursery I’d buy a canvas from you. πŸ™‚

  9. A NON-PERSON!! I am not believing you called my child (almost) a non-person. Man am i glad September already came and went, so we don’t have to worry about being friends anymore!!

    P.S  I really do love you…… :]

  10. Your house is coming together nicely, it appears. Ours is moving at a much slower rate, unfortunately. But one of these days we’ll be there, too. Look forward to seeing the finished product next time that we are there.

  11. looking good on the house…would love to stop in and see it for real! It was good to see pics of your sis, too….to know that she is still alive and well! Haven’t heard a peep from her in ages!!! =] 

  12. “Lois, our blind installer “

    Is she really blind?   Looks like she does well for being seeing impaired… ( I only did this because of your latest post on funny things said…

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