Thursday January 22, 2009

Isn’t everyone allowed to do a few random posts a year? Thanks. I think I will right now. I wouldn’t say that the first few weeks of 2009 have been disjointed, but they have been a little unusual. It’s not every day that you have friends visit for 2 weeks, or your sister/housemate is gone for 3 weeks, or you get new neighbors, or you are invited to 4 ladies events in 1 week, or you have dinner guests 2 out 3 Sundays or you sleep 11 hours trying to get rid of a cold/ward off the flu or have your eye exam done by a 60-year-old man with braces on his teeth or attend a hockey game in GA.

Yup. It’s life in the fast lane, if southern lanes can be fast. I have a photo shoot that I have to get done editing by Saturday to avoid having 2 hanging over my head. I’m looking forward to a new location, a one-time deal. There is a tea house/catering business that is closing down in 1.5 weeks. I have a 6-year-old girl to shoot there. It is the neatest place. Lots of antique furnishings as well as old dress-up type clothes.

Since it is frigid outside (lows in the lower 20s, no I’m not kidding and neither do I care if you have seen negative numbers. This is Georgia, afterall. At least show a little loving concern. ) I couldn’t resist adding a little warmth to my kitchen. Why, pray tell, were these tulips 50% off? They hadn’t even begun to open. Guess they overstocked or something. Anyway, I was delighted to bring them home, since I rarely splurge on flowers.


tulips 2

And I love drinking cappucino in the frigid southern winters. I’ve started making my own mix. I use flavored creamers, instant coffee and a little sugar.


My favorite flavors are the vanilla caramel or the Italian sweet cream. I don’t really know what amounts to use. I just kind of dump until it looks right. And then I find a really fancy jar to put it in.


And what do you think of these bottles? I found them at a garage sale for $1 each. I have bath beads in the one on the right. Wonder what I could do with the one on the left.


And such is the end of the random post. I’ll try to keep them limited this year. Not more than once a month.

7 thoughts on “Thursday January 22, 2009

  1. I love random posts. You have my permission to do as many as you want/ need to.   20* in Georgia? Wow, oh wow! You Southerners probably hardly knew what to do in that kind of weather. I’d love to try some of your cappucino mix WITH the fancy jar. Where do you get them?? Those tulip photos are stunning. I could handle an evening out with you again.

  2. I love those green bottles you found.  I’ve been trying to think what I can set on top of my medicine cabinet in the bathroom.  It sets out from the wall about 4 or 5 inches and the lights are about a foot or more above that, so I would have room for several bottles.  I’ll have to look for some the next time I go to Mottleys.

  3. Your opening paragraph is great – love all the randomness there! And I laughed because some of that was involved in my life too, and felt a little over the top!

    Hope you had fun shooting the 6-year old girl at the tea room today. πŸ™‚

    We bought some of those same 50% off tulips too! And they are beautiful!! I couldn’t figure out either why they were so cheap when I couldn’t find anything wrong with them! Lovely pictures you took of them – love how your orange walls bring out the flowers so well!

    I’m cold in our 67* house (yeah, we’re trying to save on our energy bill. 64* at night) and so your cap. mix sounds wonderful. I might just run over to your house for some. πŸ™‚

    And loved the random post! Bring them on as often as you want! πŸ™‚

  4. @lifeisadance – Come get some cappucino. πŸ™‚ We keep ours at 66* at night which feels good when your under the covers. And the the tulips, I wonder if they overstocked or something. They was nothing wrong with them that I could tell.

  5. Love the tulip pics – very talented you are!  It shows the creativity of the Creator, doesn’t it, giving people such different gifts and abilities.  It certainly adds color to the world.

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