Full Moon at the Beach – Thursday January 15, 2009

 I think this was my quietest New Year’s in many years! With the business of the Christmas it was kind of nice to catch up on a few things at home. So believe it or not, I spent New Year’s Eve doing the final cleaning at the house. It felt so good to have things back in their rightful place. I had put the hardware up for the curtains in the living room which made a mess on the floor, hence the delay in the cleaning. Most of the house has curtains now which definitely gives it a more finished look.

Anyway, I had decided to spend New Year’s Day at Jekyll Island, snapping away to my heart’s content. I didn’t manage to find any island treasures that I would so love to find but I enjoyed the fairly mild but windy day on the island.

First I went to Darien to see what the shrimp boat setting looked like.

darien 3

Nothing too exciting going on lighting-wise. Isn’t it amazing what the lighting does for a photo? Here is one I took summer of ’07.


I didn’t get what I wanted so I went back and tried again a few weeks later right after a rain. The clouds had parted enough for the evening sun to come through.

darien 2

I also figure out that the shots are more appealing from the docks than from the bridge.

Anyway, I didn’t hang around there long and went on to Jekyll.

new year 2

new year 3

new year 4

new year 5

The island in the distance in the following picture is Cumberland Island. I think some of you maybe have been there before.

new year 6

Remnants of a shipwreck.

new year 11


new year 7

The sea oats are kind of raggedy looking right now. In fact, on the east side of the island there is not much left of them at all.

new year 8

new year 9

As I was walking along, I heard a snort and splash and saw a dolphin swim away. The people who go shrimping along this beach get very frustrated with them since they are pests.

new year 10

Sometime I want to try this shot with adirondack chairs in the distance:

new year 12

new year 13

The island has 2 golf courses. Yes, it was really that green on New Years.

new year 14

new year 15

and if that wasn’t enough it was full moon a little over a week later. I’ve been trying to get full moon shots on the beach for months now but either it’s raining or there’s something else going on.

The night before:

nearly full

Waiting for the moon to come up.full moon

full moon 2

full moon 3

full moon 5

full moon 4

full moon 6

And all of a sudden, there it was. There was band of clouds which kept it from being visible at first.

full moon 7

full moon 8

full moon 9

full moon 10

full moon 11

Isn’t the moon amazing? I think God was so creative to give us that “extra light”.


9 thoughts on “Full Moon at the Beach – Thursday January 15, 2009

  1. Amazing moon shots!!!!!!!!!!  I’ve been wanting to try them for about a month now but it is just too cold.  I’d shiver so much it would look like a comet.  I hope it’s always 80 degrees in heaven.

  2. Wow…I stand in total amazement!!!!!!!!!!  Im a total “Moonatic” go crazy over it Those are some of the best I’ve laid eyes on…isn’t it awfully hard to get such perfect shots?  Beautiful, beautiful….

  3. Thanks so much for the pics…they are absolutely beautiful!  The shots of the moon especially, wow, they almost give me goosebumps!  Looking at your photos gives me the same feeling Thomas Kinkade paintings give me…so peaceful; thanks!

  4. @dariusnro – tripod, my dear! 🙂 Actually that last one of the full moon was handheld from my car but I had to turn off the engine since the slightest vibration can mess it up.

    @southern_beachy – there is a faint rainbow there. It had been raining and apparantly it was still misting somewhere. I got a canvas made of one similar to pic #3 and it’s hanging in my office at work, since everything else in it is nautical.

    @mbyso – such high praise… I’m blushing!!

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